Vol.VII No.I Pg.3
March 1970

Attention Ladies!

Robert F. Turner

Ladies, your short dresses are making it more unlikely for you to be surrounded by honorable minded gentlemen. Dresses too short, too low, and too tight may attract men, but such do not attract gentlemen. And, they are not inclined to produce honorable thoughts. Think for just a moment — honestly now; you must admit this is true. If you want the men around you to be gentlemen and think about you as gentlemen should, dress (and act) like a lady — better still, as becometh women professing godliness. (1 Tim. 2:10)

Ladies, you sometimes make it uncomfortable for a gentleman to be in your presence. Your dresses are too short when you are standing, and when you are seated a gentleman can not look in your direction without being embarrassed for you. This presents no problem to unprincipled men, but a gentleman expects, and respects the privacy of a lady. He seeks to maintain her dignity, and looks the other way when she is uncovered. But your indiscretion shows no respect for yourself, nor for his manners.

Frankly, you are embarrassing us. We cannot help being embarrassed when you do not wear enough clothes to hide your nakedness. One high school Bible class studied around tables arranged in a horse—shoe shape. The young men continually refused to sit at the tables but rather went to the rear of the room. Finally it was discovered that they were embarrassed to sit facing the short skirted girls seated at the tables. But the brethren corrected the problem; they enclosed the tables with wooden skirts.

I thought then it would be better to put skirts on the girls rather than on the tables.

I understand the boys problem. I teach classes and it is sometimes embarrassing to stand before the class. You find it impossible to freely look at the audience because some of the women do not have on enough clothes. If we cant get ladies to wear more clothes, churches may need to consider buying some lap robes.

Ladies, can you honestly say you think these short, tight skirts are modest apparel? Not Are they the style but Are they modest? If so, how would a woman be immodest? a belt is about the only article of outer clothing that is tighter or shorter! Women who profess godliness ought to be concerned with adorning themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety. (1 Tim. 2:9-f.) They should learn to be discreet, chaste. (Tit. 1:5) Styles should be considered, but I fear some of my sisters in Christ have sacrificed modesty and discretion for style.

Ladies, consider the impression left by such scanty attire. It is by such advertising that the lewd and vulgar appeal to their counterparts. These are the tools of risqu cartoons, dirty jokes, and outright pornography. Do you suppose anyone suspects you are a Christian, on the basis of such clothing?

Ladies, wake up! Adorn your inner person for heaven, and allow this primary consideration to dictate correct outer garments. Joe Fitch