Vol.VI No.VII Pg.8
September 1969

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

Several years ago a story made the rounds about a newly married man who shot his horse because it stumbled several times. Thats one! he said, at the first faltering step. And when he counted the third fumble, he drew his gun and fired.

The bride was appalled at such callosity and lack of restraint, and began to nag the groom about his conduct. But she grew silent when the man intoned. Thats one! — and I understand they lived happily ever afterwards.

They had peace — and enjoyed the fruits thereof — although I must admit this involved a type of force and submission not compatible with true peace and unity in Christ. Love for God and a desire to know His will and serve Him, establishes a clime for the peaceful co-existence of Gods children. God will no more whip us into unity with one—another, than into the original unity with Himself. Such is contrary to the very nature of God and His oneness.

Remember when our parents caught us fighting, and made us kiss and make up? I can hear it now — All right, tell him you are sorry! Do you hear me? I said, tell him you are sorry!! I was sorry too, so very sorry I had been caught, and had to go through this routine.

I doubt that my parents thought genuine repentance and love could be produced at the point of a switch. It seems to me now, looking back that they wanted to teach me (even when I didnt want to learn) that once I got the hang of getting along with the neighbor children, I would find it a most enjoyable experience and worth continuing. And so it was.

God tells us to love one another — even our enemies. It is something we must learn, even if we have to work at it. God doesnt force us together, at the point of a rod; but places before us a perfect example. (1 Jn. 4:10 -11; Matt. 5:43 -48) Such love is neither a make-up kiss nor sticky sweetness that blots out Gods will. (See front page.) It is mature, self-sacrificing, entwined with truth.

For the time God explains, demonstrates, prompts, urges. We had better practice carefully — learn our lesson well while stumbles are forgiven. The time comes when Thats one! really means, Thats all!!