Vol.VI No.II Pg.2
April 1969

The Ax Cure For Headache

Robert F. Turner

Someone gave me a July, 68 issue of Sentinel of Truth, containing this proposed solution to ORGANIZED RELIGION: (1) Discontinue that tax exempt status of the organization; (2) Remove the denomination (name, rft) from the building and signboard; (3) Discontinue the services of the preacher and encourage him to be a real preacher of righteousness where the good news has not been heard and to those who cannot pay him; (4) Discontinue the formal Worship Services and restore to all meetings their real purpose as set forth in Hebrews 10:24-25; (5) Place all collectively owned property up for sale and give the proceeds to the poor.

The article (by R.L. Jantz) was given editorial approval — deserves some objective, serious study by all who desire to please God. There follows some seven columns of ranting about ORGANIZED RELIGION, then, What he (Jantz) has offered deserves the serious study of all who sincerely want the truth... The editor says this is strong meat — for those who have the guts to take action toward correction when they realize that they have been wrong. Jantz has offered a vital part of the needed correction, treatment or remedy — DISSOLVING THE CORPORATE BODY.

These childish and unrealistic solutions are much like the solutions for poverty, top- heavy government, or war, as offered by the long-haired protestors. They insist that everyone be given a job, but do not tell how to make everyone work. Abuses in government must be corrected, if we must destroy the country to do it.

Destroy collective action, and the harness will go with it; but you will have to ignore Gods direction for both harness and action. (Titus 1: 5-f; 1 Tim. 5:16; Phil. 4:15) There is no need for Jantzs solution one and two, if we practice solution five. How can one tax and put names on a building that doesnt exist? And getting the preacher to properly apply himself, and worshippers to worship in spirit and truth, will take more than a firing and dismissal. Whatever those mythical individuals do, meeting out under that oak tree, that is true Christianity — the same kind of dedicated saints can and will do, meeting in a house they have constructed with lumber from the tree.

There is now, as in the first century (2 Tim. 3:5-f. Phil. 3:18-f. )need for genuine service to Christ, and no form of godliness churchanity or ritualism can satisfy this need. But S. 0. T. didnt initiate the battle against formalism, nor will such solutions and ravings win it.