Vol.VI No.I Pg.8
March 1969

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

We were sitting in a restaurant in eastern Arizona, watching cowboys and Indians pace the streets. Someone noticed a particular Indian couple, (a weathered patriarch who walked three or four steps ahead of his squaw) and remarked that the Indian man did not put up with this modern equality of sexes foolishness.

Just then the Chief stopped at the restaurant door, and when his woman caught up, they apparently had a brief argument. We couldnt understand the language. but we could see the weaker sex said no! My curiosity was aroused and sharpened as I saw this performance repeated several times. They would walk around the block. Chief and squaw style; then our hero would stop at the restaurant door and talk it over with mama.

Finally, the Indian woman lifted her voluminous velvet skirts, reached deep into her boot top, and came up with a small purse. She extracted a coin, handed it to her husband, and he came in for a cup of coffee.

When it takes three trips around the block to get a cup of coffee, the Red man is not in complete control. I could not help but wonder if he was slowly losing his status, or if he had always been like the rest of us — but had a better press agent.

The poet who wrote Who steals my purse — neglected to mention another way to lose both purse and good name. We can let another control our purse — use our money and influence for something not in keeping with the will of God — and we have shown lack of conviction, and lack of individual will necessary to be a faithful follower of Christ.

We live in a money world. This is the medium of exchange by which we do or fail to do much of that which God has given us the ability to perform. I fully agree that one can not buy his way to heaven. We must encourage each Christian to individual, personal service. But the individuals responsibility to use his money talents (Matt. 25: 14—30) must not be ignored.

The man who knows church funds should not be spent on fun and frolic or to support human institutions, but gives — saying, It is out of my hands, it is the elders responsibility! — is kidding himself. Big Chief walk in front — REAL CHIEF controls those very important purse strings.