Vol.VI No.I Pg.1
March 1969

The Power Of God

Robert F. Turner

With hydrogen bombs perched in the nose of complex inter-continental missiles, waiting the final push of the switch that will send them coursing swiftly to the total destruction of whole cities — even involve countries — one man with vengeful heart, may control almost inconceivable force.

The gospel of Christ has the power to stay his hand — teach him to live peaceably with his neighbors.

After all, Guns Do Not Kill People; People Kill People! That is a very good slogan to remember.

We can spend our time and talents thinking up ways and means of overcoming people, or of saving people; of whipping them down, or lifting them up; of magnifying their error, or teaching them truth. Gods power, in our hearts, makes the difference.

This is not to say that error must not be fought, that discipline must not be exercised, that false doctrine must not be exposed. I believe in PLAIN TALK: in clearly and forcibly reproving, rebuking as well as exhorting — with the power of God. When we act in keeping with the gospel of Christ, our action is motivated by love for souls, and a sincere desire to pull out of the fire those spotted by the flesh. I feel it necessary to warn, however, lest we confuse zeal to teach and save, with vindictive feelings that easily accompany discussion of differences.

The power of God is inseparable from the spirit of God. Christ overcame Satan, not by adopting Satans evil ways, and beating Him at that game; but by maintaining God-likeness (doing the will of the Father). Being God, though He reviled not again He led captivity captive by His inherent power.

The apostles knew that the power must be of God, and not of themselves. (1 Cor. 2:1-5; 2 Cor. 4:7) The gospel is Gods power (dynamite) unto salvation. (Rom. 1:16) The power to cast down strongholds, human reasonings and to capture hearts for Christ, is at our disposal. (2 Cor. 10:3-5) IF WE REALLY BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF GOD, WHAT OTHER COULD WE DESIRE ??