Vol.VI No.XII Pg.8
February 1970

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

There are thousands of voters who are pledged to back their party; and have to shut their eyes and close their ears to facts in order to stay with the party. And there are church members who brag they are Church of Christ, all the way. That becomes somewhat of a feat in these days of change, and about the best the party member can do is to try and find that legendary great middle section and slide along with it; poor sop for one with conscience toward God.

The situation reminds me of the boastful hunter and his faithful Indian guide. The hunter would tell of creeping close enough to an elk to kill it with his hunting knife. He would then turn to the guide and ask, Isnt that right, Falling Rock?

And Falling Rock would answer, Umph, heap long knife. Him pretty — good all right.

The hunter then told of hitting a deer in the left ear and the right rear foot, all with one shot. Isnt that right, Falling Rock? The Indian hesitated — and the hunter hurriedly added, Of course, he was scratching his head at the time. Isnt that right, Falling Rock?

And Falling Rock agreed, Umph, heap crazy shot. Him pretty good, all right. So the hunter told of shooting a running coyote — at 600 yards. Isnt that right, Falling Rock?

At this the Indian motioned the hunter aside, and whispered, Four hundred, pretty good; three hundred, all right; but for pretty good all right, cut um to two hundred.

The party man with the conscience of Falling Rock finds it increasingly difficult to stomach the antics of the party he is pledged to champion. Separate organizations for orphan care — well, it was such a good work! Some gagged a bit at fishing camps, and fellowship kitchens, yet went along to keep peace. But universal church organizations multiply, church support of colleges is growing, devotional exercises begot speaking with tongues, and liberal subjectivism is crying for attention.

A few hardy souls are awakening, and some begin to realize their allegiance is to Christ, not to a party. As the movement grows, like the signs say, WATCH OUT FOR FALLING ROCK!!