Vol.VI No.XII Pg.2
February 1970

Here And There

Robert F. Turner

At this writing I am again in the northern Arizona city of Flagstaff, conducting a study series on the Holy Spirit, and preaching on Sundays. On Feb. 9, I begin a series of one-week meetings in San Diego, Coalinga, Ox— nard, and Ontario. Calif. We have a short break in Burnet, then to Beaumont and Ft. Worth. Tex.; thence to Cyclone, Ky., Lexington, Ky., Mason. W. Va.. Baltimore, Md., Piscataway. N. J,, and Dexter. Maine.

Home ( to change shirts) and on to Houston, and Dallas, Tex. In July 1 will be in Paducah and Louisville. Ky. , with time for two more meetings in that section if needed. Then, back to Texas for Special Studies in Burnet, and a meeting at Dam B, near Jasper. Then hope to spend several weeks at home, studying and writing, before going for meetings in Camden. Ark. . Pasadena, Port Arthur, Arlington, and Lufkin, Texas; San Diego, and San Bernardino, Calif. Vivian and I are thankful for the health that enables us to make such rounds, and realize that God is indeed good to us.


My part of PLAIN TALK is written while on the road; while in Burnet, bro. Joe Fitch continues to preach and work with that church. and write and see to the mechanics of mailing the paper. (Much credit must he given the Oaks-West members, who slip- sheet, staple, and prepare for mailing.)

We want this paper to do as much good as possible, and no harm at all. If you know of someone who would give attention to its message, send us the name, address. zip code, and we will be happy to send the paper without charge. We do NOT solicit directories of liberal churches, nor names of someone you would like to spank — for we are not in the spanking business. We want to TEACH — and this necessitates teachable readers. Use careful judgement. selecting fair- minded readers as best you can. We mail to MANY who differ with us — who ordered the paper for themselves — and who, occasionally, tell us in no uncertain terms that they differ. But they are WILLING to CONSIDER — and that is the mark of nobility we seek.

Changes of address continue to plague us. We are dropping names of many who move and do not notify us, on the premise that they must not be very concerned about PLAIN TALK. This makes it hard on the forgetful like myself, but we had to do something. We will, of course, reinstate those who write, giving new address. PLEASE HELP US TO MAKE PLAIN TALK A USEFUL TOOL IN TEACHING THE WORD OF GOD.