Vol.VI No.XI Pg.4
January 1970

Pats Prayer Language

Robert F. Turner

Displaying the absurd and unscriptural ends to which some brethren go is not my idea of good journalism, and a steady diet of such serves neither God nor man. But Pat Boone is a widely known figure among brethren, and the Holy Spirit issue is very much alive. Complacent brethren who said it cant happen among us, and who challenge conservative writers for proof of Holy Spirit errors among those in good standing need to know Pats current position.

We Quote from An Interview With Pat Boone by Walter Wagner, published in the Nov. 69 issue of a 72 page magazine called CHRISTIAN LIFE. (Wheaton, Illinois 6O187)

George Otis (Business associate of Boone, taking part in interview.): I think, I personally feel that the most significant wellspring of power in Christian living today, is the presence of the Holy Spirit in the lives of those who have committed themselves to Jesus Christ. He has promised us spiritual power — gifts with which to operate in this world And so I have to say in clear language that the beginning of my new association with the Lord came when I spoke with other tongues....

CHRISTIAN LIFE interviewer:

Maybe we should put in context here what the Word of God says about the gifts of the Holy Spirit in 1 Cor. 14: 1, Follow after charity (love), and desire Spiritual gifts, but rather that ye may prophecy. Does that mean we have an option, that we can choose what gifts of the 5 pint we want?: (Thus, the immediate context of Boones statements following. rft)

Pat Boone:

Ive heard ministers in my church of Christ worship the Lord in other languages, and I myself do.

It appears to me Paul was saying, Look, its better to prophesy, its better to teach, because after all, the person who speaks in this prayer language is only speaking to God. Hes only helping himself and its much better to help others. But in the next verse. (1 Cor. 14:2), Paul also says that when we speak in this prayer language we help ourselves. And man. I need help.

And besides, I want to be able to speak to God and I want Him to understand me. I was a graduate with honors from Columbia University. But Im still an illiterate ignoramus when it comes to trying to speak to God. And so I dont have the words or the brain power. I have the feelings. I know what I would like to express within my inner self. but I dont have words to do it. So God says, through this prayer language. Im bigger than you are, I understand your problems and I will communicate with you in a way that maybe you wouldnt understand except inwardly and in a spiritual way. You and I understand it intellectually, but I will commune with you and I understand your needs and I will minister to them.

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