Vol.V No.VIII Pg.5
October 1968

Before Society God!

Robert F. Turner

The Sociology taught in many (perhaps most) of the colleges today destroys faith in Jehovah God. It does so by substituting an impersonal concept of God — product of social development and wholly foreign to the divine Creator of the Bible. This alone is saddening, but even more so is the fact that many former believers accept this subtle change without even realizing their plight.

With organic evolution widely accepted, and taught by many as though it were a proven fact rather than a theory, shot through with many unproven parts; the sociologist presents man as emerging from brute animal existence. He begins to reason about the force of lightening, flood, etc., and concludes that the power of nature is centered in some super man capable of overcoming him at will. Using his own imagination, as to what he would do if he were the super-man, he builds a concept of God. Thus, we are told, man created God in his own image. GOD becomes nothing more than impersonal force, the first Cause — scapegoat and conscience-soother for man who can not claim to know all .

Early man discovered the problem of constantly guarding his coconuts, and concluded that respect for his neighbors property is the best policy — leaving each neighbor time to gather additional coconuts. And so, moral codes were developed. This is the social concept of right and wrong — sin against society being the only great sin. From this comes the free love thinkers, the amoral degenerates of our day. There is little difference in the socio-religionist who says God is Dead! and his roommate who argues that a God—concept is still relevant. Both have denied Jehovah God, eternal Creator, and simply debate the relative values of God in modern theology.

What I have written above is old hat gleaned from modernistic teachers of thirty years ago. It concerns me now because I believe this evil leaven is at work among brethren. Its color is seen in an unwillingness to accept the external nature of Gods authority, as expressed in His word.

The pragmatic approach, nothing succeeds like success, seems to outweigh what God has said about a matter. Man views the Bible subjectively, making himself (or the majority) the final judge; and in so doing elevates man above God.

Prayer is advocated for its therapeutic value — a psychological balm — and a personal God who rules in the universe is shoved into the background. It seems a praying saint must be either a spirit-fired nut, ask — God to provide a parking space, or a disciple of Peales positive thinking cult. In either case, the august Divinity of the Bible is demoted.

Paul hinged faith in God and subjection thereto, to the creation. In things that are made His eternal power and nature (Deity) are clearly seen. (Rom. 1:19—21) THIS God existed prior to society, and IS NOT a product of society. He will judge society in the last day — by His will, which He has revealed to society through an ever-living Advocate and Saviour. We should re-examine our faith in Him.