Vol.V No.VII Pg.2
September 1968

Meet Bros. Shipley And Fitch

Robert F. Turner

DAN S. SHIPLEY will return to Burnet, Texas October 7 - 13, to preach in a Gospel Meeting at the Oaks-West church building. Services will begin at 7:30 each night, and the public is cordially invited to attend.

Bro. Shipley is a former resident of Burnet, and has preached some for the Oaks-West church and for the Hwy. 71 church in Spicewood. Dan and Wilma found a deep and abiding place in our hearts. He was scheduled to be here in a meeting last fall, but a lady (?) named Beulah poured thirteen inches of water into his McAllen home and the meeting had to be "called on account of hurricane.''

"Bro. Dan's" dedication to the Lord, his study of the Word, his ability to present God's truth with clearness and simplicity -- these things can help YOU and ME only as we give heed, and translate them into improvements in our own lives. COME, ENJOY, and PROFIT by this Gospel Meeting !!



Bro Joe Fitch has moved to Burnet and now preaches regularly for the Oaks-West church. I worked with bro. Fitch in a Kermit, Tex. meeting; and have heard numerous commendations of his work in Crane, and other west Tex as towns; so I was not unprepared for the fine Bible-centered lessons he presented. I even took a few notes for PLAIN TALK readers, as follows:

Joe says "they" is impersonal, as we speak of Christian duties and privileges. "We" is an improvement; but "we" haven't reached the working unit where it really counts, until we get to "I" or "me". What am "I" doing??

Joe says 1 Pet. 3:15 doesn't tell us to seriously consider every foolish question someone may ask; but we are to answer for our "hope" with the scriptures and godly life to match.

He says "good-hearted people are going to heaven" because "good-hearted people, by the Lord's definition, are people who receive the word into their hearts, and obey it." (Lu. 8:15)

Joe says the wives of 1 Pet. 3:1-f. could not instruct apart from the word of God; but behavior as a godly Christian wife can move or motivate the husband to consider the word he had formerly rejected. This could put us all on the spot. Maybe we "have the truth" but our lives, our practices, just do not move people to consider and obey it.

Hear Dan And Joe Preach Gods Word!!!