Vol.V No.VII Pg.1
September 1968

It Is Your Move!

Robert F. Turner

While in Baltimore, Md. I visited successfully old Ft. McHenry which withstood a British naval attack in the War of 1812, inspiring Francis Scott Key's poem "The Star-Spangled Banner." Fifty or sixty tourists sat in a small theater to see a stirring dramatic film presentation of the battle. "The rocket's red glare gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there."

At the conclusion of the film, the curtains on one side of the theater were slowly opened, the thrilling strains of our National Anthem were played, and we saw Old Glory flying gallantly from the tall standard in the fort. It had a wonderful impact.

And I sat right there with all the rest of those sophisticated tourists. I had the immediate impulse to arise, and stand respectfully at attention. But I didn't!!

As we filed from the room my conscience was hurting, and I mentioned my abortive impulse to one who had sat near me. Sheepishly he admitted that he too had had such a thought, "but no one started it!" Do you get the point of this article? "No one led the way!!"

I could have obeyed my impulse — when it really counted — and my neighbor would have stood with me. I am persuaded that every man and woman in that room would have arisen and paid the homage due our flag. (Rom . 13 :7) But a few moments later IT WAS TOO LATE!

This is not written simply to "wave the flag," although I think a little patriotism would do us good. This is written to stress the need for "speaking up" and "acting" when the need is present. To obey that impulse to do what is right, instead of weighing the cost of possible embarrassment, etc. , "and holding off."

There are churches that could have been saved from digression — if "some one had led the way" when it would have counted. There are souls that would have been saved — if someone had invited." At this moment, someone is waiting for our word of encouragement, our example. WILL WE GIVE IT???