Vol.V No.VI Pg.5
August 1968

Evolution By "Faith Only"?

Robert F. Turner

Dr. W. R. Thompson, for many years, Director of the Commonwealth Institute of Biological Control at Ottawa, Canada, and a world-renowned entomologist, wrote:

"As we know, there is a great divergence of opinion among biologists, not only about the causes of evolution but even about the actual process. This divergence exists because the evidence is unsatisfactory and does not permit any certain conclusion. It is therefore right and proper to draw the attention of the nonscientific public to the disagreement about evolution. But some recent remarks of evolutionists show that they think this unreasonable. This situation, where men rally to the defense of a doctrine they are unable to defend scientifically, much less demonstrate with scientific rigor, attempting to maintain its credit with the public by the suppression of criticism and the elimination of difficulties, is abnormal and undesirable in science." (From his foreword to a new edition of Darwin's Origin of Species; as quoted by Henry Morris, "The Twilight of Evolution," Baker Bookhouse.)

G.A. Kerkut in his book Implications of Evolution (Pergamon Press, 1960) writes; to the same effect -- that evolution is not a "proved fact". Kerkut's book caused considerable anguish in the evolutionist's camp. John T. Bomer, a bona fide evolutionist, wrote in review of Kerkut's book:

"This is a book with a disturbing message; it points to some unseemly cracks in the foundation. One is disturbed because what is said gives us the uneasy feeling that we knew it for a long time deep down but were never willing to admit this even to ourselves. It is another one of those cold and uncompromising situations where the naked truth and human nature travel in different directions.

The particular truth is simply that we have no reliable evidence as to the evolutionary sequence of invertebrate phyla. We do not know what group arose from what other group; or whether, for instance, the transition from Protozoa occurred once, or twice or may times ... We have all been telling our students for years not to accept any statement on its face value but to examine the evidence, and, therefore, it is rather a shock to discover that we have failed to follow our own sound advice." (John T. Bormer, "Review of Kerkut's Book" American Scientist, Vol. 49, June, 61)

('The above is taken from a compilation of material on the Difficulties of Evolution, by A. 0. Schnabel, of Portland, Oregon.)

Have you noticed how quick the unbeliever is to charge us with "believing because we want to believe, And not strictly on the basis of proof"? It appears we are not alone in this practice. And we, unnecessarily, can offer as an excuse the high motive of service to Almighty God, and a desire to recognize and praise our Maker. It is certainly better than the selfish desire to substantiate our own theory.

Faith in God humbles man, builds in him the character that conquers pride, and prepares for eternity.