Vol.V No.IV Pg.8
June 1968

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

A preacher beginning work with a new congregation, recently formed by separation from a more liberal group, received a phone call.

"The trouble here was nothing but personal differences," he was told. "There are no scriptural issues to justify the new Church. Both groups believe and practice exactly the same things."

"If that is so," the preacher replied, "I have been grossly misinformed." Being assured that it was so, the preacher continued, "I want no part in such a farce. I will worship with the old church at the next service.

This somewhat startled the caller, but his rejoicing was short lived. The preacher continued: "of course, since there is no doctrinal differences between us, I will feel free to continue teaching the scriptures re. the independence and autonomy of each local church; and to warn brethren about all entanglements in interchurch associations and institutions." That did it!! The caller made it clear that such teaching would not be welcomed, and the older church would continue to support with money and influence the various churchhood projects. They would continue to work collectively with "area-wide" movements, and use the church treasury for social functions "to hold the young people." In essence, you may come meet with us, contribute your money to support these unscriptural practices; but you must not raise your voice against any of this, nor will we agree to open Bible studies of the issues.

Just personal differences?? Who do we think we are kidding? Not God, for He can not be deceived. Not those who object to practices for which there is no Bible authority. As stubborn as some of us may be, we know the difference in "Come let us reason together" and "Come back, apologize, shut up, and let us continue in our own way." I am persuaded that not many "promoters" are successfully kidding themselves. They only fool the self-blinded, easy-going majority — who had rather sail smoothly into error, than rock the boat with investigation.

My hearts desire and prayer to God for my erring brethren is, that they might open their eyes to truth.