Vol.V No.IV Pg.2
June 1968

It's A Busy World

Robert F. Turner

This is being written in a little cabin, high in the Bradshaw mountains near Prescott, Arizona. To be honest, I would prefer to be out climbing in the forest, but "dead-line" is on me.

Since Apr. 6, I have been in meetings in Beaumont, Tex.; Madrid, Iowa; Indianapolis, Ind. ; Baltimore, Md.; Piscataway, N. J.; Canoga Pk., and Long Beach, Calif. Two days hence I begin preaching in Flagstaff, Ariz., and thence to northern Calif., Oregon, and so -- on to late November.

Meetings and special lectures in places unable to fully support such work, are made possible by arrangement with the Oaks West church of Christ in Burnet, Tex; the church that continues to make PLAIN TALK possible. This little church of about one-hundred members now supports bro. Joe Fitch in Burnet local work, helps to support bros. Payne, in Commanche, and Kercheville, in El Paso, Texas, and bro. Arreola, in Mexico. The courage and faith of these saints - most of them low to medium salaried workers -- and the "vision" of their good elders, is truly heart-warming. Their course is not an easy one, and not without opposition. I will help them all possible by making full use of time, watching expenses carefully so as to operate economically, and make my way as far as possible on support received from these meetings.

Plans are to continue this type of work in 1969, the Lord, health, and taxes permitting, and meetings are already scheduled in Arizona, California, Missouri, Indiana, Alabama, Texas and Florida. My permanent mailing address is 1608 Sherrard Street, Burnet, Texas -- 78611, as all mail will be forwarded.


In This Busy Whirl

It is good to hear about the old Arizona sheep herder who spoke longingly of the "good ol' days." He said he only had two decisions to make each year: when to take the sheep up the mountains in the spring, and when to bring them down in the fall. Ate the same thing all the time; wore the same clothes. Again, "Me and my partner never wasted no words. I'd ask him a question at breakfast, and he'd answer at supper, the next day."

Reminds me of the fellow who lived so far back in the sticks he had to go toward town to pick up firewood. Grand 0l' Opera didn't get there 'til Tuesday. When he first came to that country " thu Sun wuz jest a little bitty thang, and they warn't no moon a-tall." If I don't run out of space soon this could get worse.............