Vol.V No.III Pg.8
May 1968

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

"God knows, not I, the devious ways wherein my faltering feet may tread; Before, into the light of day, my steps from out this gloom are led. But since my Lord the path doth see, What matter if 'tis hid from me?

God knows, not I, how sweet accord shall grow at length from out this clash of earthly discord, that jar on soul and sense. I hear the crash, But feel I know that on His ear fall harmony, full, deep, and clear.

His perfect plan I may not grasp, but I can trust love infinite, and with my feeble fingers clasp the hand that leads me into light. My soul upon His errand goes -- the end I know not, But God knows."


The above, author unknown, was sent to me as part of a wonderful letter of encouragement, and expression of faith in God's eternal purposes.

We do not hold to a fatalistic concept of destiny; and certainly not to individual predestination, that would deny and destroy free will and initiative. But we believe our Creator had ultimate ends in mind when He brought us into existence; and the eternal purposes of God, revealed in His Son, and the Word of His power, are given us as guide lines and "light to our path."

For a happy and useful life here, and to be partakers in the glory that shall be; we must recognize our dependence upon God, and seek to live in keeping with His instructions. He alone sees the end of what often seems purposeless to us. "We walk by faith, not by sight." (2 Cor.5: 7)

How essential then that we learn God's will; that we prayerfully study His word, and obey His commandments. And when we have done this, and continue to do this, should we not walk with confidence?

If we are sincerely striving to know God's way, and follow it, to question or doubt the outcome is to show a lack of faith in our Guide. We must "be not anxious" for the morrow. (Matt. 6:24-34) Oh, ye of little faith!

God rules in the affairs of men. God knows our needs. God cares. God gives. (Matt. 7:7-f) So live that when thy summons comes -- you may quit the walks of men with a genuine and well-founded hope for heaven.