Vol.V No.I Pg.2
March 1968

More "Arlington Meetings"

Robert F. Turner

Last month we reported the Arlington meeting, where brethren discussed their differences and studied scriptures on various issues. We made no effort to review or draw conclusions, nor do we think this is wise. Let the records speak for themselves! Material is being prepared for publication so the public can read and evaluate.

But interest in such meetings in general warrants some statements relative to them. If other "Arlington Meetings" follow, and I hope they do, certain principles are necessary lest we jump "out of the frying pan into the fire."

First, no "conference of delegates" existed; and had we so presumed, no scriptural grounds for such could be found. No "big shots" or "little," can "decide" anything for anyone else.

Scriptural unity is not the amalgamation of "parties" but the acceptance of divine truth by individuals. Hence, those who participate in "Arlington Meetings" can only present what they believe to be the truth set forth in scriptures, and let the test of untrammeled investigation reveal the merit of their faith and practice. Churches did not divide (or should not have) by party decree, but by the failure of individuals to study and act as Christians. The process must be reversed -- on an individual basis. What was done in Arlington can help the church in Burnet, only as brethren in Burnet do what was done in Arlington. If it was good for brethren who differed to meet in Arlington, and frankly' discuss the scriptures as they pertain to the organization and work of the church, it is good for Burnet brethren to do the same. Of course this is the procedure we have advocated from the first.

Although I "blame" those who teach and practice things for which there is no Bible authority -- I hasten to add that there is little hope for peace or unity in looking back, reviewing past actions or words, or assigning blame.

Far more appropriate to correction of any wrong is the NOW attitude. Who is NOW holding up the works?

What NOW prevents us from sitting down together with open Bibles, fairly defining the issues between us, and seeking to find the scriptural solution? God will not hold blameless those who seek to have their way through majority rule, quarantine, public "hush-hush" and private name-calling.

The honest fact is -- such people do not really want scriptural unity!