Vol.V No.XII Pg.8
February 1969

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

It is terribly important to remember good advice. (Lets see, what was it someone told me to remember when I next began to write Stuff?? Hmmmm!

One old timer told an experience he once had while sleeping out on the Arizona desert. Seems he was awakened by a feeling of weight upon his chest. He cautiously raised his head, and found himself looking into the eyes of a huge rattlesnake, coiled contentedly in the folds of the blanket. For a moment he froze in terror. Then — he remembered — something his grandpaw had said — When in doubt, relax!!

Good advice is seldom welcomed if it is given at the time it is needed. We become so involved in the situation that it is difficult to see the whole picture. Immediate desires and emotions take precedence, and we refuse to reason in long terms. Besides. if the suggested solution is really good would we not have thought of it ??

My mother gave me some good advice which I may or may not have remembered at all times. Son, never go with a girl you would be ashamed to bring home, or to marry. That last part really sounded foolish to a high school boy — but looking back on it now, it makes sense. I like to believe it made enough sense then to help me through that difficult time.

Gods word is good advice for the young person with maturity and judgement enough to see it. Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth. It is saddening to see young people too hep to be interested in such matters. I will know them later, when they come to the study and pour out their tangled story — begging now for solutions to problems that would never have happened had they incorporated Gods advice into their early life. Now it is often too late.

You see, we benefit best by remembering previous advice — principles we have examined and accepted before the actual time for application. Such principles have become a part of us-they make up our character — and what we are is the answer for things to be.

The old timer and the snake? Oh, he remembered and took his grandpaws advice. He relaxed — went right off to sleep — and the next thing he knew it was morning, and the snake was gone. Now see how important it is to remember things ??