Vol.V No.XI Pg.1
January 1969

Ready To Give Answer

Robert F. Turner

By the time you receive this issue another confrontation of differing brethren will have taken place — a meeting similar to that last January in Arlington, Tex. It is my understanding that bro. Frank Dunn asked bro. Stanley Lovett if he would invite twelve brethren who opposed current institutionalism, to meet face to face with twelve who favored it, and study the issues in the light of the word of God.

Bro. Lovett asked me, and he asked bro. Joe Fitch, and we accepted. I do not know all of the others with whom I am in agreement who will be there, but have been told that bros. James Adams, Robert Farrish, W.L. Wharton, and Elmer Moore are among the number. We are to meet, at our own expense, in the H.E.B. camp near Leakey, Tex. The same topics, and general rules as were used in Arlington, will prevail. This is not some sort of program or public campaign (the participants will be the only audience) and it warrants attention here only because it promises to be another example of the kind of frank facing-of- issues and genuine Bible searching we have long recommended to all who differ in their understanding of the Bible. Subjects for discussion will be:

(1) How to Establish Bible Authority; (2) Distinction Between Church and Individual Action; (3) How churches may Scripturally Cooperate; (4) What is the Work of the Church, and (5) How Fellowship May Be Attained and Maintained.

It is heart-breaking to think of divisions that have taken place all over the country because brethren would not consent to make careful Bible studies of these subjects in the past years. In fact, I pled with some of these opposing brethren who are to speak at Leakey, for some such study as this, to no avail. I do not know what has changed their minds, but I am thankful for it. I do not understand why they refused to study with me in years past — any more than I understand why some of my non-institutional brethren refuse now to engage in such studies.

This is debate in its finest form, (continued, page two,)