Vol.IV No.VII Pg.1
August 1967

"My Record" In 1890

Robert F. Turner

Searching for "quote" material in Gospel Advocates of 1890, we found the following -- too long for our regular "quote" page, too good to be cut or left out. Read it with care!!


"Bro Lipscomb, and Bro. Wilmeth, and the CHRISTIAN COURIER, and several others have been looking up my record to see whether or not I have changed my convictions concerning missionary societies and such like. Bro. Lipscomb thinks I have changed, the COURIER seems to doubt it, and Bro. Wilmeth thinks I am nothing but aTrojan horse anyhow and a very poor specimen of decidedly scrub stock at that.

I am perfectly willing for the brethren to amuse themselves and while away their spare time discussing my convictions, but I hope they will handle my record very tenderly. It is a good enough record if let alone, but it will not bear rough handling or a close inspection. Still, it is no slouch of a record after all considering that it is the first one I ever made. I could make a much better one now if I had time and needed it, but this one is good enough for all the use I have for it. I don't expect to go to heaven on my record or pedigree anyhow. In earlier years I damaged my record very seriously by using it too much. The fact is, I was very proud of it, and, not knowing exactly what it was good for -- or, rather, that it was not good for much of anything -- I tried to do all sorts of absurd and impossible things with it. If people seemed to doubt the rectitude of my life or the orthodoxy of my doctrine, I tried to silence the gainsayer by a great parade of my record. If I wanted a job of preaching or a situation in business, my record had to bear the strain of proving my fitness. If I moved into a new neighborhood or tried to court a strange girl, I straightway unrolled my record and spread it out to be trodden under foot of men. Indeed I was fool enough to think that if I could only get one end of that everlasting record fastened to the top of the Jasper Walls of the New Jerusalem, I could yank myself over the walls into the heavenly

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