Vol.IV No.VI Pg.1
July 1967

Ol' What's-Her-Name

Robert F. Turner

I can never quite adjust to the unreasonable fury aroused when I use a specific church name. Folk seem very agreeable to my discussing the doctrinal errors of their church -- just tear them to smash -- but don't identify the church by name. It makes me wonder if they know enough about the distinctive doctrines of their church to recognize them without the label.

Or do they care little for the doctrine, but much for the party? Surely their religion goes deeper than that.

And how do you explain the many cases where there is no attack of any kind -- where some denominational name is simply a part of a historical quotation? (As in "On Leaving Denominations" in last month's issue; or -- say a prayer -- our "quote" for this month.)

I submit this thought for serious consideration: Folk who are queasy about open, honest, honorable mention of their self-avowed church-name; are lacking in understanding, conviction, or confidence. Be kind to your blood pressure by thinking this through carefully before blowing your top.

It is common knowledge that religion and politics are "hot" subjects, taboo at all social gatherings. And why?? Because such discussions seem to "alienate friends and stir-up the people." And why is that?? From the safety of my study (are the doors all locked Mama?) I submit that not many really know what they are talking about. With a skimpy and disjointed knowledge of the Bible; and little or no historic knowledge of the church of which they are a member; they fall back on emotions and personalities.

My brethren do it too. It is a rare thing to find one who differs with another on some basic point, who can calmly seek to define the issue and then discuss it intelligently. My brethren (who differ with me) are no more pleased with this article than are the Methodist, Baptist, and the Presbyterians. (There I go -- I've done it again!!!)

Emotions and people are a vital part of religion; but when they take the place of intelligent understanding of God's word, genuine conviction, and reassuring faith -- TMBER!!!!!