Vol.IV No.I Pg.2
February 1967

3 Years, Goin' On 4

Robert F. Turner

We begin Volume Four with gratitude for the wonderful reception our readers have given PLAIN TALK. This publication is a part of the teaching program of the Oaks-West church,- and is sent free to all who request it. We are particularly interested in reaching areas where the cause of our Lord is weak; and homes, threatened by liberalism, yet retaining enough respect for God's word to read with some objectivity.

Volume Four has a planned MENU, as do previous volumes. The front page will continue to carry articles concerning ATTITUDES; P. 2, for EDITORIAL and LOCAL material; P.3, to NON-MEMBER cf. CHRIST and the CHURCH; P. 4, will have a new feature for this year -- a series on the TEXT of the Bible, how we got our Bible -with emphasis on the N. T. TEXT; P. 5, will continue to carry articles on CHRISTIAN LIVING, with usual emphasis on everyday attitudes, conducts; P. 6, will be HISTORY that pertains to the cause of Christ, both early and current; P. 7, QUERIES AND ANSWERS; and P. 8, STUFF ABOUT THINGS -- our comments on whatever comes to mind that we think will make a point worth considering.

The editor will continue to write all of the material appearing in this paper, with the obvious exception of historical quotes, and occasional reprints, for which credit is given. Back issues are available in part, and will be sent to those who request them as long as they last. We also continue our "equal space, half-issue" offer for open discussion with any who have honest difference with us.

Did The Early Church Have "All Truth.

I hope I do not see what I think I see in a statement by Jimmie Lovell, Feb. '67 issue of ACTION. He says, "Possibly no Christian mentioned in the. N. T. ever saw all Scripture as contained today in our Bible. Most of the divisions in christiandom are over parts of Scripture which the early church as a whole knew little or nothing about."

If he means written truth, in the first sentence, we could agree. (See "Text" p. 4.)

But we are guided today by the same truth that guided the early church. In the general epistle of 2 Pet., the apostle said "According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue." (2 Pet.1:3) The apostles, prophets, tongues, interpreters, etc. of the 1st. century, delivered all truth. Their "issues" were met with inspired answers by which we learn.