Vol.III No.VII Pg.2
August 1966

Busy Days At "Oaks-West"

Robert F. Turner

PLAIN TALK is a part of the teaching program of the Oaks-West church of Christ, Burnet. Writing it is but one of the many duties of the local evangelist. Various Oaks-West members slip-sheet, staple, address, bundle, and mail the paper. One lady has the ever-present job of keeping up with the growing, changing mailing list. It takes one night (after services) and the better part of the next day for a group of workers to get one issue into the mail.

Cost of printing, mailing, etc., is borne by our local treasury, and we do not accept outside help. We operate ACCORDING TO OUR ABILITY, and this places a limitation upon the number to whom we can send PLAIN TALK.

We ask, therefore, that those who send us names and addresses use care in selecting recipients likely to get the most good from our effort. We are not trying to TELL OFF anyone -- nor to cram something down unwilling folk. We are particularly interested in reaching brethren who have drifted into liberal ways, but who may be restored and strengthened by our articles. We are also seeking honest hearts among non-members. If this is being rather selective, remember we have limited resources.

If you believe PLAIN TALK material is worth repeating, use it in your local paper or bulletin. We won't sue you for leaving off our name; but courtesy and honesty seem to require giving PLAIN TALK credits. Oaks-West church is blessed with many workers. Recently one of our elders was preaching in Lometa, another preached at Lone Grove, another member was preaching at Liberty Hill, and returned to preach to colored brethren who meet in our building each Sunday afternoon. I preached at Burnet that day, and had two more good preachers sitting before me.

One of these (bro. Dan Shipley) is now preaching each Lord's Day to a new congregation in Spicewood. These men "carry on" with strength while I am in meetings or special work. They will alternate while I am in Odessa, Tex., and Santa Ana, Calif. for meetings in August.

One good lady teaches our Ladies' Bible Class (Titus 2) and does much of the work on our local Bulletin. We have a faithful teaching staff for our young ones, and plan to expand our training of song-leaders and public service among our young men.

Yes -- we have some weaknesses that we hope to cure by work and prayer.