Vol.III No.V Pg.2
June 1966

An Editor Loves His Work

Robert F. Turner

Dear bro. Turner:

I happened on a copy of your paper PLAIN TALK recently, and liked it very much. It would be a great favor to me if you would put me on your mailing list. I appreciate your comments on the current problems in the church as well as the other phases of your paper. If the one copy I read is indicative of the overall tone of your paper, I would be greatly rewarded by receiving it.

--- Corpus Christi, Texas.

Such Letters (About 95% Of Our Correspondence) Need No Formal Reply Although We Do Answer As Time Permits.

Dear Sir:

Please do not continue to send PLAIN TALK. My husband and I did not request this bulletin nor do we care to receive it. We are moving to another city next week and want all our mail forwarded, but we do not want the nuisance of going to a P. 0. to get a paper we do not even want to receive.


Dear sist. _____________:

Thank you for your correspondence of June 3, re. PLAIN TALK. Your request has been respected, and your name removed from our mailing list.

We are sorry you feel as you evidently do about open, unrestricted Bible study and teaching; but we appreciate and acknowledge your right to state yourself clearly. Should you change your mind about letting others tell you what to read -- and a goodly number have - you need feel no embarrassment in sending us a request for further issues of PLAIN TALK. rft, editor.

Mr. Turner:

You take my name off of your mailing list for your PLAIN TALK or I will have the police around to see you. I don't want that garbage in my mailbox. You are no member of the church or you wouldn't be a stink stirrer. I do more good in the church in one day than you and your garbage will ever do.

---- Galveston, Texas

Dear sist.

Thank you for your correspondence of June 2, re. PLAIN TALK. We have given it a proper place in our files.

We are sorry you had to take time off from all of that wonderful Christian work you are doing, to write such an un-Christ-like letter. May God forgive you. Your name will be removed from our mailing list, and the pearls cast in a more likely direction.