Vol.III No.IV Pg.6
May 1966

Sermon Of The Past

Robert F. Turner

The July, 1939 BIBLE BANNER carried an editorial by Foy E. Wallace, Jr. entitled 'WHAT THE CHURCH MUST DO TO BE SAVED." This "sermon" was presented in the War Memorial Auditorium in Nashville, Tenn.; and included in the 2nd. edition of The Certified Gospel, a book of sermons by F.E.W. Jr. published in 1948. It is a classic.

This month we shall outline; next month, quote from this great sermon.



"The health and strength of the church are to be found in the TRUTH and the DEFENSE of it; its infirmity and weakness are manif. in COMPROMISE."

Ii. Principle Of Peculiarity

A. The Church must be kept separate:

  1. In speech (not Ashdodic)
  2. In doctrine (Bible, only creed)
  3. In worship (no innovations)
  4. No fellowship nor negotiations with error, compromise.

B. Kept Evangelistic-- not Missionary.

  1. Estb. churches, not "missions".
  2. "direct evangelistic work"

C. The church must be kept militant.

  1. Spirit of paciifcism must go.
  2. Church grew fighting for truth.

Iii. Some Immediate Dangers

A. Tendency toward Institutionalism

  1. Orphan Homes under boards
  2. "Our" schools, homes, etc.

(A) Institu. tap-root of digression.

  1. Party pride
  2. Love inst. more than church.
  3. Those who warn falsely branded.

B. Modern Judaism in the church.

  1. Premillennialism
  2. "Neutrals" will go with them.

C. False-Unity Movements in church.

  1. N.T. unity is found in TRUTH.

D. Worldliness in the church.

  1. Secular spirit, pleasure-mad.
  2. Dancing, drinking, card-playing; and preachers keep quiet.

Iv. The Remedy For Our Ills:

A. The rejection of false teachers.

  1. No brotherhood arbitration.

B. Renovation of schools essential.

  1. Dismiss premillennial teachers.
  2. Bollites and sympathizers.
  3. All neutrals must go.
    1. They wait for public tide;
    2. Resent criticism of error;
    3. Yet, mark critics of schools.

C. Repudiate soft-pedal journalism.

  1. Maintain freedom of press.
  2. Name teachers of error.

"When a paper develops better manners than the New Testament and a preacher becomes more dignified than the apostles, neither is worth anything to the defense of the truth nor to the cause of Christ."

D. Renounce compromise, weakness:

  1. Re. authority of New Testament.
  2. Re. strong doctrinal preaching.
  3. Re. sectarian sympathies.
    1. Preacher in Minist. Alliance

E. Rejuvenate spiritual life.

  1. Enforce discipline.
  2. Complete return to N.T. standard only hope of salvation.