Vol.III No.II Pg.2
March 1966

Oaks-West Church Building

Robert F. Turner

The OAKS-WEST CHURCH OF CHRIST, formerly the Rhomberg & Washington Sts. church, is now meeting in her new building. Located just one block west of the Lampasas Hwy., north of Burnet, in the new OAKS-WEST addition; this brick and stone structure should prove an important "tool" for us.

The main entrance faces south, and one enters through modern glass doors to an attractive foyer, separated from the auditorium by obscure glass and paneled walls, and swinging doors. All exposed floors throughout the building are covered with a seamless finish called Torginol. In bad weather one may enter the building from the east, through a sheltered driveway. Parking facilities are ample.

The main auditorium has stained oak walls, with laminated wooden arches that rise gracefully to support the acoustical ceiling. Wide aisles are carpeted, to match the green upholstery on opera seating. (Sounds like a society editor describing a wedding dress, doesn't it?) An elongated opening above the fiberglass baptistry reveals a floor-to-ceiling panel of native fieldstones, carefully selected to retain their lichen covered surface.

The building contains nine classrooms, furnished with desks, tables, and necessary maps, chalkboards, etc. for a good teaching program. One room will have a library of basic reference material. A tenth room is equipped with mimeograph and addressograph machinery, and other 'tools' for our work. The building is designed for USE IN GOD'S WORK not for fun and frolic, or pink-lemonade socials so erroneously called "Christian fellowship." We believe the building is attractive, but its real beauty is in its practical usefulness.

The preacher's study will remain in his home; 1608 Sherrard, just one block south of the church building.

There Is Still Time

to hear evangelist W. L. Wharton, 7:30 each evening, Mar.28--Apr.3, as he proclaims the gospel of Christ in the opening meeting for our new building. Be our guest, and stay awhile.

"A Religion That Forgets--

the fatherless, is not of the Father." So reads a barb cast at any local church that refuses to support institutional benevolent societies. And what about a religion that forgets the Father?? That ignores the all-sufficiency of God's divine organization to do the work He gave it to do? Are human societies "of the Father?"