Vol.III No.XII Pg.8
January 1967

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

Some call it "naive" -- while others, with a more limited vocabulary, just say "stupid." Whatever it is, it seems to fit me quite well.

About half the times I pull a good one -- really bring down the house -- I find myself wondering what caused the uproar. When everyone starts telling me how clever I am, I keep my big mouth shut and never "let on" that I intended to make a serious comment.

The time that fellow wanted to sell his chinchillas; he PROVED they would clear 300% the first year; more after that. He said there was nothing else that could make such a profit. So, I asked him why he wanted to sell them! Everyone got to laughing so I never did find out why he wanted to sell them. Probably an allergy, or something like that.

As a boy, I heard the preachers say, "We want the truth, and nothing but the truth. If we preach or practice something unauthorized in God's word, just point it out to us and we will quit." That sounded great to me, so when I started preaching I said the same thing. I had to pull in my neck a few times, but I was so happy to learn the way of truth more perfectly that the embarrassment was soon forgotten.

Then I heard one of "our" liberal preachers hurl the bold challenge of truth lovers, and I asked him for the scriptures that authorized the Herald of Truth arrangement, and other like church collectives. WWoooW,""

I didn't know that challenge was just for "sectarian" ears. All these years I have been hearing it, and using it myself -- AND I THOUGHT WE WERE SUPPOSED TO REALLY MEAN IT!!

Another fellow said a church gymnasium was in the verse following the one that authorized a church building. I looked under Heb. 10:25, Acts 20:7, 1 Cor. 11:18 and 14:23, all of which authorize an assembled church; but I never did find the church basket-ball team. He must have misread his notes.

Reuel Lemons once argued that if Gal. 6:10 referred to individuals, so did 6:6; so there is no authority for church support of the preacher. That really bothered me, what with prices and all -- but someone told me Reuel had "tongue in cheek." I get it! With that kind of tongue in cheek a fellow doesn't need meat every day.