Vol.XX No.XI Pg.2
January 1984

Winding Down

Robert F. Turner

We find it extremely difficult to wind down this paper. It is in good health, at its peak in readers, no financial burden the church cannot carry, and cries of regret come from the U.S. and abroad. One fellow wrote "...but I do understand..." and I felt like writing back, "Please tell me." We believe P.T. has been a success — and that may be our best reason for thanking all who made this possible, and move on to something else. Next issue, finishing Vol. 20, will be IT.


SHIPLEY-TURNER announce they WILL reprint, index, and hard-bind Book 5, the last four years of Plain Talk. It will be available in late April. Contact them for details, purchase, etc.


Bro. Shipley sends us a tentative meeting schedule for 1984 as follows: Baytown, Tx. (Pruett-Lobit) Feb. 12-17; Camden, Ar. Mar. 4-9; Port Arthur (Imhoff) Mar. 25-30; Madisonville, Tx. Apr. 15-20; Globe, Az. May 13-18; Ft. Worth, Tx. (Westside) Oct. 8-12; and Magnolia, Ar. Nov. 11-16. He continues his local work in Lindale, Texas.

The Turners are to be in Richardson, Tx. Feb. 12-17; Orlando, Fl. (Pine Hills) Mar. 11-16; Mt. Olive, Al. Mar. 25-30; Pekin, In. (Galena) Apr. 8-13; Blytheville, Ar. (E-Side) Apr. 15-20. Then west to Tucson, Az. (N-Side) Apr. 29-May 4; Escondido, Ca. May 6-8; Folsom, Ca. May 13-18; Sacramento, Ca. May 20-25; Salem, Or. May 27-June 1. With Burnet as headquarter, we venture out to Killen, Al. Ju. 24-29; to Tuckerman, Ar. July 22-27; Houston, Tx. (Cy-Fair) Aug. 5-10; Lancaster, Tx. Oct. 7-12; and Arlington, Tx. (N-West) Oct. 21-26. May revisit Houston in Nov.

James McClenny had an article in last month's issue — "Taking It Seriously." It was his first, for widely distributed paper, but we predict it will not be his last. James and Karen will move from Burnet to Albuquerque, N.M., early in 84, to do the work of the Lord there. We wish them the best in this endeavor; and remind them to put their trust in God, not in man.


And to finish "winding down" this page, what better thought for all. It is common, almost standard, for young preachers to be disappointed in some other preacher, some brethren, and often a cynical attitude develops. I remember my own experience, and know how this hurts. It should cause us all to ask, "Am I working for men, or for God; for the praises of men, the rewards of men, or am I seeking to serve God, for an eternal reward." We must work, as imperfect teachers with imperfect students, striving to lift others as we lift ourselves toward heaven. Without God's mercy the winding down of life would be unbearable.