Vol.II No.V Pg.2
June 1965

To Our Readers

Robert F. Turner

Every month PLAIN TALK goes to many new homes, so we feel it is in order to restate our policies now and then, and review our work with you.

PLAIN TALK is part of the teaching program of the Rhomberg & Washington Sts. Church of Christ, Burnet, Texas. Following our initial mailing list to local friends and neighbors, we have added names as requested by you or your friends; and our coverage has spread across the United States. The paper is free upon request.

We write with malice toward none. Our purpose is to teach what we believe to be the truth (just as others do by radio, newspaper, etc.,) and we are particularly concerned with cur rent errors among brethren re. the work and organization of the church. We try to "get to the point" with the plainness and directness warranted by the urgency of our message, but ours is not a "personal fight."

We freely offer one-half of any one issue for an 'equal-space' discussion of any religious point on which any reader may differ with us. Vol. 1, No. 9, carried such a discussion with an Austin preacher; and was conducted on the highest plain. Come, let us reason together!

Our "Menu"

Our eight pages are planned, as to subject matter, as follows: 1. Attitudes toward truth; 2. Editorial re. local matters (usually); 3. First principles, for non-members; 4. Bible Outlines for study; 5. Identity, worship, organization, etc., of church; 6. Quotations from church history; 7. Queries and Answers; 8. Stuff About Things -- observations on current news and affairs among brethren. All articles are written by the editor unless otherwise designated.

Most PLAIN TALK articles are highly condensed, and require some care and thought in reading. We seek to encourage study; reading with a view to learning rather than temporary pleasure; but we do not hesitate to use a light touch to flavor the study.

Questions and comments are solicited. If you "disagree" we would like to know the specific Points of difference, and your reasons for your conclusions, so that we may profit there by. There is no need to be sharp or ugly in your disagreement. We gladly concede your right to do your own thinking, and respect you for it. We are encouraged when readers show convictions, based on God's word.

We Like Plain Talk: How About You?