Vol.II No.XII Pg.6
January 1966

Current History

Robert F. Turner

This Month our "History Quote" is current - a reprint of statements from the charters of various benevolent societies which are now operated by some brethren and supported by some churches of Christ. We thank bro. Jesse M. Kelley, editor, RESTORATIN APPEAL, for compiling this material.


CHILDRAVEN: "A benevolent Institution under the name of Childhaven."

-- Charter Preamble.

GUNTER: "This Corporation is created for Benevolent and Charitable Purposes only."

-- Article 6

SUNNY GLENN: "We do hereby associate ourselves for the purpose of forming a Charitable and Benevolent Corporation."

-- The Charter Preamble.

TURLEY: "Articles of incorporation of a Charitable and Benevolent Corporation.

-- Charter Heading.

BOLES: "This corporation is created for Benevolent, Charitable and educational purposes only."

-- Charter.


Can you not see why we contend that these are NOT "needy churches" or "needy saints" -- objects of assistance according to scriptural example? These are "institutions" "corporations" -- societies set up by men, to do benevolent work for the churches. These societies ARE NO "METHODS" BUT ORGANIZATIONS WHICH "USE" METHODS. Contributing churches support a human institution or society; and the society provides a home, or education, or whatever their charter allows.


CHILDRAVEN: "The purpose for which this corporation is formed is to establish and provide a home for dependent, destitute or homeless children."

-- Article 3.

SUNNY GLENN: "The purpose for which this corporation is formed is to maintain and operate a home for the support, maintenance and education of orphaned and other indigent children."

-- Article on Purpose.

BOLES: "The purposes of this corporation are to provide a home for destitute and dependent children."

-- Article 2.

CHRISTIAN HOME AND BIBLE SCHOOL: "The purpose of said corporation is to establish, maintain and operate an orphan's home and elementary and secondary institution of learning."

-- Article 4.


Do you wonder that those who advocate church support of colleges are saying that if the churches can support benevolent societies, they can also support educational societies???

Institutionalism is smothering the Lord's church; appropriating its functions, draining its treasury, and creating a denominational "organized brotherhood" behind the smoke-screen of "poor little orphan children."