Vol.II No.XI Pg.6
December 1965

Nothing New Under Sun

Robert F. Turner

We have repeatedly stated that the current church problems are but "digressive" issues of the past, in modern dress. Brethren who refuse to consider the scriptural principles involved, and swallow the anti-"anti" propaganda of the sponsoring churches, are following the same line taken by the "digressives" of years past.

Consider the following article. Does it have a familiar ring"?


"For twenty years or more I have labored under the delusion that the 'anti', as they were derisively dubbed, were a split off the church of Christ; that they were anti-Sunday school (therefore did not believe in teaching or the study of the Bible), anti-society, anti-missionary, anti-everything except ante-up -- they just wouldn't give."

I have learned that the so-called 'anti' wing is not a split off the church of Christ, but that a number "digressed" from the church -- leaving the loyal brethren. I know too, that the 'digressives,' in their eagerness to make good, have not only 'padded' reports -- of money raised, of converts made and work done -- but have misrepresented the loyal brethren and minimized their work."

"I was made to believe that the loyal brethren were opposed to preaching the gospel to the heathen, opposed to all missionary work; that all the missionary work was done by the societies, that the loyal preachers were ignorant, behind the times, and opposed to progress and advancement.


Taken from the GOSPEL ADVOCATE of August 26, 1915; written by Otto Delton Maple, a former "Christian Church" man who had been blinded to the plea of loyal brethren by prejudicial and false charges, and name-calling. ------------------

From The "Unchangeable"

"The ship of Zion has floundered more than once on the sandbar of institutionalism. The tendency to organize is a characteristic of the age. On the theory that the end justifies the means, brethren have not scrupled to form organizations in the church to do the work the church itself was designed to do. All such organization usurp the work of the church, and are unnecessary and sinful."(ACC Lectures, 1939)

"When brethren form organizations independently of the church to do the work of the church, however worthy their aim and right their designs, they are engaged in that which is sinful." (P. 338, see citation below.)

"There is no place for charitable organizations in the work of the New Testament church. It is the only charitable organization that the Lord authorizes or that is needed to do the work the Lord expects his people today to do." (P. 340, see below.)

"When men become dissatisfied with God's arrangement and set up one of their own, they have already crossed the threshold to apostasy." (P. 341.) (By Guy N. Woods, ACC Lectures, and GA Annual Lesson Commentary, 1946)