Vol.II No.XI Pg.2
December 1965

Oaks -West Church Of Christ

Robert F. Turner

Since December, 1961, the church which publishes PLAIN TALK has met for worship and Bible study in a small brick building at the corner of Rhomberg and Washington Streets, Burnet. We have not had, nor have we now a desire for some "temple" or "church plant" by which to "impress" people. Our emphasis has been, and is now a spiritual one; as we strive to please God and serve Him according to His will and by His authority.

From the first, however, it has been obvious that our seating capacity was easily taxed; and our four small classrooms have greatly limited our teaching program. "Work space" for our mailing program, mimeograph, and other equipment is nonexistent, and we have had to operate from various homes. It is a credit to these good people that they have labored faithfully and without complaint.

We are now constructing a modern brick and stone building, doubling our seating capacity, with nine classrooms and one large equipment and workroom. The building will be air-conditioned, with adequate nursery facilities, sheltered drive-through for bad weather, adequate parking, and other features needed by an active growing congregation. We believe the building will be attractive, but it is planned and built for USE -- not as a "show place."

Cash and our present property will provide approximately 50% of the cost of our new building; and the remainder is financed through conventional loan arrangements, with local members securing the paper. No assistance is requested or needed from any outside source. Further, we have made our plans so that our current program of work will not be curtailed.

The new building is being built at the corner of Oak Street & First; in the new OAKS-WEST ADDITION, on the north side of Burnet. The location is just one block west of Highway 281, and the building is easily seen as one enters Burnet's residential section from the North. (Lampasas Hwy.) We hope to move into our new building March 6, 1966, at which time this congregation will be known as the OAKS-WEST CHURCH OF CHRIST, of Burnet.

Throughout our planning for this construction and move, we have been mindful of the need to keep the true purpose and function of the Lord's church in mind. We desire and intend that the simple, humble atmosphere of God-fearing people, worshipping and serving the Lord, shall continue here. "Except the Lord build the house they labor in vain that build it."