Vol.XVI No.VII Pg.2
September 1979

Personal Items

Robert F. Turner

In case these lines seem to read a little differently, this is Dan, not Robert. As many of you already know, Robert and Vivian have gone south for the fall. He will be teaching at Florida College during this semester and expects to be back in Burnet soon after December 18.

He writes, "No, I am not teaching Psycho-Ceramics" (i.e., "crack-pots"), but is teaching three classes in Restoration History, the book of Hebrews, and three epistles of Paul. He says that he is working hard on assuming his "professional role" and may even develop to the point of being able to speak for a full class period without revealing one bit of usable information.

Along with his work at the college, Robert says he has already preached for two other churches (they worship with the Temple Terrace church), and has invitations for future preaching appointments in that area. Also says he is intrigued by opportunities for private or "extra-curricular" teaching among students and neighbors. For those who may need or desire his address: 108 Heritage Lane, Apt. T-101 Temple Terrace, Fl. 33617


Brother Wilfred E. Stephenson, one of our elders, is presently recuperating from recent heart surgery. "Bro. Steve", as we call him around here, has a "toughness" and determination about him that has enabled him to weather the storms of many physical infirmities. When he retired, a dozen or so years back, it looked as if he may be facing a permanent retirement from life itself. But he made a remarkable comeback, just as he did from his five previous major surgeries — and just as he will from this one.

He tells me he's living on "borrowed time" and is thankful to the Lord for allowing him to come this far. He knows, as we all do, that "the time is shortened" (1 Cor. 7:29). But while he can still "smell the bouquets", we want him to know, in this public way, of our deep love and appreciation for him and for his good influence in the Master's Kingdom, including more than 40 years of faithful service as an elder. We miss you bro. Steve, and wish you a speedy comeback!


Another of our faithful members, bro. Gratus Roe has suffered a serious heart attack and is convalescing at his home in nearby Kingsland. Such experiences remind us of the fragility of the flesh and our need for God. DSS