Vol.XVI No.VI Pg.8
August 1979

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

The Young woman was a lovely person; beautiful, talented, and now she was trying to be perfectly honest with me. She said, "Brother Turner, I just do not want to be a preacher's wife." But she was a preacher's wife, and had been for eight or ten years. She loved her husband, there was no scandal in their 'life together, they evidently had a beautiful domestic relationship — up to the point of his work as a preacher of the gospel. He was a dedicated student, personal worker, public speaker, searcher for lost souls. She wanted a place in the business and social world. Some times she was in business conference, or at a style show, while he preached Jesus Christ and worshipped God.

Now brothers, and sisters, before you pass judgment on this woman take a look at yourselves. She had an important job in the business world. If you had that job, would you miss worship for "Special events"? She was always present when business allowed. Do you do things "for the boss" and "to keep your job" that are just a little on the unChristian side? Are you a bit embarrassed by conflict in church and social-business standards?

"But she was a preacher's wife!!!" Yeah! And that is what bugs you isn't it? Well, that is what bugged her! She was satisfied to be an "ordinary" Christian (by this generation's standards), but she balked at "preachers wife" standards. Shall we bring "our" standards Up, or preacher standards Down — or have we "a rule which God hath distributed to us" all? (2 Cor. 10:12-18). I asked the preacher's wife, "Do you want to be a Christian?"

I would like to believe that this wonderful Plain Talk article will solve all such problems, but I doubt it. We may, however, make a few young would-be preachers think carefully about the kind of girl it takes to be a preacher's helpful wife; and we may warn both boy and girl, if you can't give your whole life to the common goal of Christianity — not to mention the exacting work of preaching and teaching — you will be unequally yoked. Your hearts will certainly ache, and you may lose your souls.

Any marriage is a life-time decision and an awesome responsibility for young people to take. The goldfish-bowl life of a preacher's family (right or wrong) adds more weight. We are happy to report, however, that a godly woman, determined to serve God and her family, can endure for forty-three years — and more — we hope!!