Vol.XVI No.XII Pg.8
February 1980

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

In the course of a gospel meeting, and in the rush that follows dismissal, a member told the evangelist a certain woman in his neighborhood had asked that he send the preacher to talk with her about the Bible. He gave the preacher a card with a handwritten address.

The preacher dropped the note into his pocket, continued his visiting, had coffee with some friends, and was about to go to his motel when he recalled the appointment. It was now very late, but feeling a study request should not be postponed, he asked the local preacher to accompany him, and they set off.

The house was in a darkened neighborhood, and all lights were out, but feeling a bit ashamed for forgetting, they rang the bell. Finally a woman came to the door, sleepy eyed and in a night robe. The evangelist began to apologize for not coming sooner, and said they had come, even though late, because salvation was an urgent matter. He must have convinced her for the woman invited them in, and they opened their Bibles and began to answer her questions. After several long hours of intense study, the woman was convinced she should obey the gospel. Others of the household were awakened and the party made their way to the church building, where the woman was baptized into Christ.

It was only when the preacher began to take the address and phone number for the church records that he discovered they had gone to the wrong house — this was not the woman who had asked for the Bible Study.

Now tell me that door-to-door canvassing just will not work these days. Want to know why it worked in this case? Well, I can't give all reasons, but some are apparent. The teachers went, humbled by their own failure, yet driven by their conviction that the Lord's work is urgent. They conveyed this urgency and sincerity to a total stranger by their attitude and deeds, as well as by their words. The situation was poorly suited to social niceties; they went directly to work with the gospel of Christ. If this is what it takes, Lord give us more poorly written addresses, and more dedicated, forgetful preachers.