Vol.XVI No.XII Pg.2
February 1980

Begin Year Seventeen

Robert F. Turner

PLAIN TALK was begun in January, 1964, as a publication of the Rhomberg and Washington Sts. church of Christ, Burnet. (In March, '66, this congregation moved into its new building, and became Oaks-West church.) In our Volume One, No. One, we made no claim to greatness, but pledged ourselves to live up to our name. "We have nothing to hide, and operate upon the principle that truth is best served by unhampered, open investigation. We do not believe ourselves infallible, and realize we may make many mistakes — both in content and in manner of presentation. But we do pledge honesty of intent and purpose." In the sixteen years since then we have missed but two months publishing the paper, and although we have made a strong effort to send only to those who want and read the paper, our mailing list has grown to near 7,500. The paper continues to be available to all who ask for it, free of charge.

By the end of the first year we established our present format: each article complete on one page, front page having to do with "Attitudes," second page editorial, articles on practical Christian living, exegesis and special "issue" articles, "quote" page usually from church history, a queries page, and "Stuff About Things" on the back page. (In recent years we have written some two-page center-spread articles on special topics.) All articles not otherwise identified. have been written by Robert F. Turner. While Joe Fitch was preaching in Burnet, he wrote a regular page, and Dan S. Shipley has had a regular place in our paper for many years. We are also thankful for guest writers, from time to time.


REPRINT, BOUND VOLUMES COMING! Requests for back issues have been filled as long as supplies lasted but that day is rapidly passing. Now bros. Shipley and Turner have decided to reprint and bind Volumes 1-4, and if demand is great enough, to follow with V. 5-8, 9-12, 13-16, each book having topic and scripture indexes. Because of many requests for this expressed to the church, we make this announcement, asking those interested to contact bros. Shipley and Turner for details of that private project.


Elders of Oaks-West have asked bros. Turner, Shipley and O'Banion to continue their work with Plain Talk. We enter our 17th. year with the same principles and purpose as at first; praying that only good may be done: