Vol.XVI No.XI Pg.2
January 1980

Entering The Eighties

Robert F. Turner

The decade, not my age — although the limitations Vivian and I must now impose on ourselves make me feel old. It is galling to have to cancel meetings in order to keep a more leisurely pace; when all my life I have wanted more, not less work to do.

January 11-13, I will preach in Jacksonville, Fla.; and Jan. 14-20, in Melbourne. Then, Mar. 2-7, in W. Columbia, TX.; and Mar. 23-28, in Little Rock, Ark. Vivian will accompany me to Little Rock, and we will continue into Kentucky for meetings at Richmond, Apr. 6-11; Providence, Apr. 13-18; Frankfort, Apr. 20-25; and Bowling Green (Eastside), Apr. 27-May 2.

We will be in Burnet through the summer, but we currently plan to return to Florida College for special teaching work through December.

Brother Shipley has a busy schedule this year. In addition to the local work in Burnet, he is to be in meetings at Fayetteville, Ark., Mar. 23-28; Odessa, TX. (Sunset), Apr. 13-18; Phoenix, Ariz., Apr. 27- May 2; and Globe, Ariz., May 4-9. He goes to Magnolia, Ark., May 25-30.

Later in the year, he goes to San Antonio, TX. (0'Conner Rd.), Aug. 3-8; Albuquerque, N.M. (Zuni Rd.), Aug. 24-29, and Madisonville, Tx., Oct. 5-10. Bros. Shipley and O'Banion continue to write for Plain Talk, and maintain an active program of personal work, classes, and home studies. We all are thankful for Oaks-West growth in the seventies, for concerned and respected elders who guided this work, and for the prospects of the eighties.


To a great extent, what we bring to them from the 60s and 70s. We will reap a part of our past — the fruits or thorns of our labors. Don't blame the 80s for the shallow teaching, the poor attitudes, or the sectarian spirit of the past. If we have sown to the wind we will reap the whirlwind.

But, if time continues, the 80s will hold opportunities of their own. Babes of the 70s will become fresh prospects for the gospel. Prejudiced families of the 70s will have children who are sick of the bickering and ready for reasonable studies. The youth who sowed wild oats in the 70s will be looking for a way out of his foolish life — wanting to find peace.

The 80s will see the passing of many of today's strong steady leaders. We are grieved to think of it, but we must develop men to take their place. Let's hope we encouraged and helped the weak faltering youth of the 70s.