Vol.XV No.VIII Pg.8
October 1978

Stuff About Things

Robert F. Turner

The world is filled with unbelievers, having thoroughly materialistic concepts. Churches have far perverted their original purpose, and "mission" zeal wanes. Noting the seemingly impossible task of reform, someone has suggested an effort should be made to re-start Christianity. Just forget the past failing efforts, and make a brand new beginning.

Where shall we make this renewal effort? If we pattern after the initial successful start, we must find a small, insignificant nation, about to be overrun by a super-power. Its people must be despised, their government corrupt, and their religion must be filled with hypocrisy.

Whom shall we choose as first converts? A few poor, ignorant fishermen, a fanatic, a thief and traitor, an unpopular tax collector, and the like. And who will lead them? We must look for a working man's son, from an unimportant small town, of an underdeveloped, ridiculed state. Give him three years to collect and teach his crew, and then hang him between two crooks.

Now — all he has to do is arise from the grave, ascend into heaven, and send a powerful Spirit upon his followers that will enable them to speak his total teaching in tongues of whatever nations they address. They must confirm the source of their message by performing miracles.

They must work unceasingly against tremendous odds, endure imprisonment, beatings, discouragement from within, and finally be willing to die rather than renounce the Master's cause.

And their converts must grasp the torch from falling hands, and carry it further — without benefit (?) of "National Organization" or adequate support. The confirming work done, they must propagate the good news by relying upon prayer, study, dedication, and an inner strength coming from a spiritual relationship.

The "seal" of their relation with the unseen resurrected One is the fruits of His teaching: the absence of fornication, uncleanness, jealousy, strife, and such like; and the manifestation of love, joy, longsuffering, peace, etc. The world notices, likes what it sees, and some begin to glorify the Author and Source of it all.

Groups of these workers — seemingly small and insignificant at first-will worship, and work, and grow, and grow — and that's all there is to it.