Vol.XIV No.XI Pg.2
January 1978

In Our Spare Time---

Robert F. Turner

Dan Shipley did the expected fine work with Plain Talk during my trip to Australia — as you readers know. In fact, a few more months like that and I'll discover how unnecessary I am to this operation. Thanks to him, and to Dee Bowman and Jim Ward, for their good articles. I have never worked with one I respected more than Dan S. Shipley — and that ain't "ministerially speaking" either.

But "home" is onto a brief rest stop on the way to another year of work, the Lord willing. 1978 meetings begin with a Jan. 22-27 appointment at O'Connor's Rd., San Antonio, TX. Before some of you get this I will also be with Woodlawn in San Antonio, Feb. 3-10, and with Spring Branch in Houston, Feb. 12-17.

We will have a few days home, then off to Easley, S.C.; Mar. 5-10 Bradenton, Fla., Mar. 12-17; Embry Hills in Atlanta, Ga., Mar. 19-24; Dyersburg, Tenn., Mar. 26 -31; Summerhill Rd. in Texarkana, TX, Apr. 2-7; Magnolia, Ark., Apr. 9-I-1; Southside in Fort Smith, Ark., Apr. 16-21; Raymore, Mo., Apr. 23-28. If we can still wiggle and speak, we may spend two weeks in Ontario, Canada; at Sundridge, May 7-12; and at a yet undesignated place.

After a few days home we go to Lewisville, TX, June 1-9; and to Las Cruces, N.M., June 14-23. A July debate on institutionalism has been in the mill for some time, but seems to be stalemated. If it does not develop I have promised some time at Richardson, TX, or at Port Arthur, TX.

In August it is Sweetwater, TX., I3-I8; and Clute, TX., Aug. 27-Sept. 1. Also have a meeting date in Tampa, Fla. (Temple Terrace), Sept. 10-15.

On Oct. 1, I begin a Sunday-Friday engagement in Odessa, (Crescent Park); then go further west to Glendale, Ariz., Oct. 15-20; and into California to Fullerton, Oct. 22-27, We may have a short break then, before going to Armona, Nov. 5-10; Porterville, Nov. 12-17; Paso Robles, Nov. 19-24; Clovis, Nov. 26- Dec. 1; and finally to Antioch, Calif., Dec. 3-8.

Brother Shipley's meetings are: in Mar., Sweetwater, TX.; Apr., Maryvale, Phoenix, Ariz.; and Ashford, Ariz. In May, Sparks, Nev.; June, Shelbyville, Penn.; July, Kerrville, TX.; Aug., in Hondo, TX.; and in Oct., Pecan Valley of San Antonio, TX. Sorry I can't give specific dates at this time, but you can see Dan is going to be busy.

Throughout the year, Dan is on the radio each week (Burnet); and we both continue our PLAIN 'TALK writing.