Vol.XII No.V Pg.2
July 1975

Checking The Mail

Robert F. Turner

PLAIN TALK mail never ceases to amaze me. Thought maybe I should give you some samples from recent letters.

Heres one from the Philippines, asking to be put on our regular mailing list. Says, Articles are plain and easy to understand...great help.

From Utah: Your paper I rate number one, superior. I would not be ashamed for anyone to read it.

Australia: Discontinue. Says he is getting too much light reading and has no time to read his Bible.

California: likes honest sincere style with neither fake intellectualism nor phony folksy talk.

Pennsylvania: enjoy P.T., especially Stuff...husband preaches and frequently takes topics from paper.

Canada: long letter with questions on grace, sins of the flesh, etc. Another from Canada: Thanks for P.T... quite a few here dont like straight and narrow doctrinal path ... like to straddle and weave a bit.

California: with a very fair criticism of my article on autonomy.

Texas college student: high caliber, very informative.. thankful you have remained above the petty squabbles. Questions on parable of tares, and kindred topics.

S. Carolina: enjoy P.T., unique style ... interesting and effective. Sends name of one conservative in thinking, liberal in practice.

Connecticut: saw March 69 issue. would like to receive paper regularly. Tells of new congregation up there.

Oklahoma: Enjoy your paper very much. Please remove our name from the mailing list. (We get four or five per year like this — and Im still trying to figure them out.)

Kentucky: list of names. He says, much good is being done that you may never hear about, but the main thing is that the good is being done.

Florida: Suggests we encourage brethren and churches to buy a few good books that set forth the truth and place them in their local public libraries. We did this in Burnet some ten years ago. I made a list of reference books, church histories, etc., and various individuals bought and donated these to library. We cant say it made traffic jams at the desk, but a few have used the books, the library is grateful for the books, and they will be there many years.