Vol.XII No.IV Pg.1
June 1975

It All Depends - -

Robert F. Turner

The song leader was young and inexperienced. He used poor judgement in the selection of songs, and made mistakes in pitch, time and rhythm. We could be embarrassed because we put on no better program for the visitors; OR, we could be proud of our young people for trying, and of the church for encouraging the development of each member.

An elderly brother led in prayer. He used poor grammar, and his manner of speech was crude. We could criticize the elders for calling on such an unlearned man; OR, we could appreciate the sincerity and directness in the heart of this old soldier of the cross, and add our hearty amen! to his plea to God.

The preacher spoke plainly and forcibly. He delved into the scriptures concerning the church and its work, and made a sincere effort to explain what God had said. But effort on our part was necessary in order to follow his reasoning, and he lost us. We could resent his discussion of points unfamiliar to us, and be embarrassed because he distinguished so clearly the Lords church and denominationalism; OR, we could be thankful for the services of this man of God. We could listen attentively, make a few notes, and continue our learning in private.

At the invitation a woman came forward, crying bitterly, to confess her sins. She asked the prayers and help of brethren that she might do better. We could feel a bit uneasy, and say, Whats she doing down here again; OR, we could rejoice with the angels in heaven, and determine to visit and encourage this weak sister.

The Lords Supper could be a time - consuming project, with opportunities to gather coats and books in anticipation of dismissal; OR, it could be a true fellowship with the Lord. We could use these quiet moments waving at a baby; OR, looking deeply within ourselves, thanking God for cleansing us from sin, and asking His blessing.

And, we could go home complaining about how they do things down there OR, we could go forth renewed in spirit and determined to make this our best week yet for the Lord.