Vol.XII No.XI Pg.2
January 1976


Robert F. Turner

Some preachers use the expression back-to-back when they refer to two or more gospel meetings, one immediately following the other. Well, this new year of work is almost back to back with 1975 — and the pressure is on. Following a short break after nine meetings in a row, we presented a three-day lecture on Calvinism, in Austin, Texas; then went to Indianapolis on family business; returning to Burnet, Dec. 23. Our children came home for a short visit, and now we have two weeks to get ready for the new year, write Plain Talk, pay taxes, etc. Its going to push us.

1976 work begins at San Antonio, Texas (Highland), Jan.12-18. Next appointment is for lectures at Florida College, where I am to speak on The Restoration of Congregational Independence (Jan. 26-29).

February 16-22, I am to be with the Crescent Park church, Odessa, TX. Then, Feb. 25-Mar. 3, with Westside, in Phoenix, Ariz. Mar. 7-14, is scheduled with Fairview church, Garden Grove, Calif. Then we hurry back to Texas to be with the Laurel Heights church, in McAllen, Mar. 21-26. We drive on Saturday to Orange (40th. St. ~ 1-10), for a Mar. 28-Apr. 2, meeting. Then we head for Birmingham, Ala. (Apr. 4-9), and the 77th St. church. That is followed by a meeting in Rome, Ga. (Apr. 11-16, Second Ave. church); and a short meeting in Pickens, S.C., Apr. 18-21. Then we can head toward home.

But on the way, we are to be with the Old Wire Rd. church, Fayetteville, Ark., Apr. 25-30; and with the church in Magnolia, Ark., May 2-7. Four summer meetings are: with Southside, Springfield, Mo., June 20-25 or 27; Pine St., Woodville, Tx., July 18-23; Northeast, Colorado Spr., Co., Aug. 1-6. Ill be happy to be at Oaks-West, Burnet, Aug. 29-Sept. 3.

The fall schedule begins in South Houston, Tx., Oct. 3-8: then Southside, Monroe, La., Oct. 10-15; and Hazelwood, St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 17-22. Next is Romulus, Mich., Oct. 24-29; perhaps followed by a short hunt in Canada. Nov. l4-19, is scheduled in Mt. Pleasant, Tenn.; and Dec. 5-10, is saved for Newport, Ark., as we wind up the year. The Lord willing, we will continue to write Plain Talk, and keep up other writing commitments.

I wish we could scatter the work so that there would not be so many back to back meetings; but churches have a spring-fall habit, and backtracking must be avoided because of expenses. Until someone works out a better plan, I suppose we will drive on Saturday and preach on Sunday.