Vol.X No.IX Pg.1
November 1973

Let God Be God!

Robert F. Turner

Recognizing the existence of God involves the recognition of His eternal power and deity —- which means we creatures are subject to the authority of our Creator. (Rom. 1:18-f) Thus, submission to an Ultimate external authority goes hand in hand with any genuine belief in God.

The person who will only accept as true and authoritative those things which conform to his internal sense of truth and right, has denied an essential aspect of God. Such reasoning makes the revealed will of God something different to different people, which means it becomes no authority at all in its own right. I am not writing of some theological theory— I am writing about a type of infidelity that is manifested all about us, day after day.

I am told, If you believe a certain thing is true, then it is truth to you — but it is not necessarily truth to me. This subjectivity elevates the student above the source of information. If Gods word is the final word— truth on the subject— (and I write to people who accept this premise; Jn. 17:17) then Gods word is truth to you and me alike. It says the same thing to you that it says to me. We must be doers, not judges of the law. (Jas. 4:11-12)

Interpretation means getting the thought out of the words; the thought which the author placed there. We grossly abuse the idea of interpretation when we take the liberty of putting our own thoughts into the matter. I may err in my efforts to understand Gods word — just as you may err in like efforts — but neither of us has found the truth on the subject until we know what God said about it.

I will respect your right to study Gods word and teach what you believe you find there. But that doesnt mean I must accept your conclusions as the truth for you. I may have good reason to believe you are in error, and want to point this out, for your own good. It would please me to know that you had the same concern for my eternal welfare, and would want to help me know Gods way more perfectly. Why cant we be men in this matter — AND LET GOD BE GOD!! (Acts 18:26; Rom. 3:4)

(Reprint, Vol. 4, No. 2)