Vol.I No.IX Pg.1
September 1964

To The "Pious In Error"

Robert F. Turner

Several years ago a San Antonio preacher wrote an article comparing the "pious in error" with those who "do nothing." He favored the former.

And more recently I received a proposition for debate, reading: "Doing the right thing in the wrong way is no greater sin than doing the wrong thing in the right way." In both cases, we are offered nothing more than a choice of sins; and if that isn't disturbing enough, both cases remind us of the low spiritual level to which we have fallen.

What has become of those pious in that which is right; and anxious to do the right thing in the right way?? Are we so lacking in convictions, so befuddled by "comparative" religions and "compromising" positions that the ideal of Christian perfection is lost to our view? Where is the man who believes that God's word is truth; (Jn. 17:17) who honestly seeks this truth; (Acts 17:11) and who stands firmly for every bit of truth he can comprehend? (Jas. 1:5-8) We know of one elderly preacher whose convictions were flatly challenged and who had no choice (as an honest man before God) but to make a humble reply to his tempters. The elders of the church, instead of appreciating his courage and devotion to truth, made his first sermon his last. I then asked what error had been taught that the preacher should be dismissed, one elder admitted that no error was taught, but said he was afraid such preaching would "cause trouble."

No, brother! Preaching truth will not cause trouble; It may, however, bring to light the trouble that already exists where such an attitude prevails. It was in this way that our Lord "caused trouble" where He taught.

Ours is a shaky "peace" that must be bought at the cost of truth. There is no virtue in "unity" if we are but united in error. In fact, when all agree to error, all will be lost. As bad as "division" may seem, Christ came to "divide" (Lu. 12:51-f.) where division would save some. The surgeon does not hesitate to amputate a limb, if by so doing he may save a life. many are called, but few chosen.