Vol.I No.V Pg.2
May 1964

E D I T O R I A L .......

Robert F. Turner

Some well-meaning (interested in my soul, no doubt) person urged me to read a lengthy harangue in an Austin, religious journal on "The Party Spirit and Pseudo-Issues."

I have read that paper for several years; had already noted this outburst, and its own pseudo-issues. The writer has contributed two articles in five years, both very long (more words in this recent diatribe than we use in three whole issues-- the editor managed to swallow it gracefully), and both articles are attacks upon men and their motives.

And this is supposed to convince me that mine is "an obdurate course of action by egocentric men who will not turn back from diabolical designs to wreck the churches." Wow!!!

"Wherever deviations exist, let the principles involved be considered with the objective of harmony in all matters of congregational endeavor, without permitting the deliberations to become the cause of cleavages." To this I say a hearty, Amen!

It remains, however, a goal which can be attained only through mutual effort. If the principle involved is an identifying characteristic of the church (such as organizational structure) and one segment of a church refuses to "deliberate", there is little choice left to conscientious members. It is conform to our dictate, or get out.

It becomes increasingly clear that the "party" spirit is the true villian in most church troubles of our day. I refuse to sneeze when the party bosses take snuff; and I am equally opposed to being one who dips the stuff. For the life of me, I can't see how journalistic flailings of this nature will banish partism and heal fractures.

If pseudo-issues produce evil—and I believe they do-- then let us spend more effort determining the true issues; and having found them, let us devote more time to objective Bible study, that the divine solution to our problems may be seen.

What "we have always done" (and "always" gets whittled down to 50 or 60 years) is a poor way to battle any partyism. In fact, it is the very grist of which, the party is ground. This casts no reflection upon pioneer preachers-- instead, it accepts their challenge to seek truth in God's word AND FOLLOW IT.

But read the papers for "stuff".