Vol.I No.I Pg.2
January 1964

E D I T O R I A L . . . . . .

Robert F. Turner

This little paper makes no claim to greatness. It humbly takes its place among the many publications of our day, with a simple pledge to the reader, i.e., Plain Talk.

Plain Talk is published by the Burnet church of Christ, Rhomberg and Washington Streets, as a part of our teaching program. It is sent free of charge or obligation to all who are willing to receive it. This issue is intended as a fair example of "things to come" and by it you may judge whether or not you care to receive further issues. A phone call or postal card will remove your name from our mailing list.

To "Saint and Sinner"

As in the case of radio or newspaper teaching, this publication is intended for wide application. Its message will be varied, with something of interest (we hope) for members of the church, and non-members. Obviously, its theme is "religious", and this will, to some extent, regulate interest. However we have found many non-Christians interested in such Plain Talk, -- and we have found some church members that were not the "saints" they were supposed to be. We will let your attitude and response speak for itself.

An "Open" Policy

We have nothing to hide, and operate upon the principle that truth is best served by unhampered, open investigation. We do not believe ourselves infallible, and realize we may make many mistakes---both in content and in manner of presentation. But we do pledge honesty of intent and purpose. Further, we feel an obligation to open our pages to those who may differ with us.

Discussion Proposal

We freely offer one-half of any one issue for an 'equal-space' discussion of any religious point on which any reader may differ with us. Further space may be offered if the case seems to justify such treatment. Surely our readers can see that this is a fair proposal. "Come now and let us reason together." (Isa. 1:18, Acts 17:2, 18:4,19)


Elsewhere in this issue we present some Bible questions frequently asked. We seek to answer these, citing the word of God so that you may study the subjects with us. This will be a regular feature of this paper.

Your own questions will be welcomed. Address PLAIN TALK, 1608 Sherrard Street, Burnet, Texas.