Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
May 15, 1957


Austin, Texas

Your article a few weeks ago on "The Mountain Meadows Massacre" was so good that we put it in The Truth for May, with a credit line to you and the Guardian.

Born and reared near Harrison, Arkansas, I was "brought up" on the Mountain Meadows story. As a boy preacher, I had a great deal of controversy with young, unmarried Mormon "elders"! The Mountain Meadows story stood me, in good stead on several occasions. I caused two of their men to leave Harrison once, and that story was one of the main things that caused them to leave so soon. In talking with them about a debate, they wanted certain unreasonable agreements and among them was that I was not to mention Mountain Meadows! Now, that monument is erected with the truth written on it, is my opinion that their "elders" will be conspicuous by their absence as far as Harrison and the surrounding country is concerned."

Faithfully yours, J. D. Phillips

Memphis, Tennessee 3584 Galloway

May 15, 1957 Dear Brother Tant:

For a number of years your writers in the Gospel Guardian have maintained an unvarying pattern of misrepresentations, half truths, and untruths regarding me and the position which I hold regarding benevolence in the church.

As an instance of what I mean, on two occasions you have published articles in which your writers have said that I am promoting hospitals for the churches of Christ. On no occasion have I either publicly or privately, orally or in writing, or otherwise suggested, encouraged or promoted such; and the charge is, therefore, wholly false. When I directed attention to this fact some months ago to the author of one of these articles, I received no reply.

It is in this fashion that your paper and its writers seek to discredit those whom they cannot answer honorably.

You have lately joined the ranks of such when in your "Overflow" you published the following statement:

Is Childhaven an orphan home or is if an evangelistic society? And is the money brethren and churches are sending there used to care for the children or is it being used to support gospel preachers? The reason why we raise such a question? Well, a few weeks ago Brother Guy N. Woods held a meeting in Cullman, Alabama, where Childhaven is located, and was on the local radio with a daily sermon. Announcements were made each day that the program was being brought "through the courtesy of Childhaven, sponsored by the East Cullman Church of

No such statement as you allege was authorized by me or by the East Cullman congregation; and if such an announcement was made, it was without my knowledge or permission. I enclose the format which was submitted to the station and which was followed each day. If there was such an announcement as you allege, it was unauthorized, and we have no knowledge of it and thus sustain no responsibility for it. I ask, therefore, in the interest of truth that you publish this letter in its entirety, along with the format used in the broadcast, that your readers may have the facts in the case.

Faithfully yours, Guy N. Woods


The East Cullman Church of Christ is happy to present at this time, a message of truth and faith in the interest of the cause of Christ. Guy N. Woods, evangelist of the Church of Christ, Memphis, Tenn., will be the speaker. Mr. Woods is engaged in a gospel meeting with the East Cullman Church, services beginning each night at 7:30, to which the public is cordially invited. And now, from our studio, Mr. Woods.



You have just heard Guy N. Woods, evangelist of the Churches of Christ, in the *first of five sermons being presented over this station. You may obtain a free copy of this sermon by writing the East Cullman Church of Christ, 701 Third St., East, High School Addition, Cullman. Ala. *You are encouraged to listen on to-morrow at 9:30 for another message in the interest of the cause of Christ.

* Changed to second, third, etc.

* Omit after Thursday

(Editor's note: The announcement which we quoted was a "spot announcement", and was NOT made at the opening or close of Brother Woods' sermons, but WAS made over the same station at other times during the day. calling attention to Brother Woods' lessons, and inviting people to listen to him. This writer heard the announcement personally, and in company with a number of others. In fact, we believe some of the faithful brethren in Cullman even got it down on tape. At any rate, it is no doubt on file at the radio station. We rejoice that Brother Woods disavows any responsibility either for himself or for the East Cullman congregation for such an announcement. And now will Childhaven also disavow it? We shall see.)

Apartado 251 Durango, Dgo., Mexico

23 de April, 1957 Mr. Yater Tant

717 E.N. 13th St.

Abilene, Texas, USA Dear Brother Tant:

I am sending the following information in case you care to print it.

We are now in the south of Mexico in the state of Oaxaca opening new frontiers for the Lord's kingdom.

We are about 300 miles beyond Mexico City. This is the fartherest south the gospel has ever been preached in Mexico. Until now the southernmost church has been in Mexico City. We hope to begin two new works before returning north and thus to extend the borders of the Lord's kingdom a bit further.

We are here in answer to invitations from brethren who were baptized in Pecos, Texas and who later asked that we come and preach in their homes. We plan to spend a week in each place, preaching every night.

At present we are in a town called Zaachila (named for an ancient Indian king). The people here are Indians of the tribe called "Zapoteca". They still speak their tribal dialect but most of them also speak Spanish. They appear to be a very industrious people with well-kept farms, which is natural since their ancestors were accomplished agriculturists centuries before the white man landed on this continent.

The brother who invited us to come here has some curious figurines which he unearthed near here while digging on his property. They appear to have been household idols. One has a human face, another has an animal face although it is unlike any living creature. The pagan Indians buried various such items with their dead believing they would need them in the other world. When the Spaniards came they replaced the pagan idols in the Indians home with images of the Virgin Mary and other Catholic saints. We hope to replace these Catholic idols with the image of the true God wrought in the hearts of believers.

Anyone interested in helping continue this work or wishing more information can write: Wendle Scott, Apartado 251, Durango, Dgo., Mexico.

In Christian love, Wendle Scott