Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
June 13, 1957

Adventures In Good Reading

All Books Intended For Review In This Column Should Be Sent To C. R. Nichol. Clifton. Texas.

WOMEN OF THE BIBLE, By Metta N. Thomas, 20th Century Christian. $2.00 per copy.

In this book there is presented the history of twenty-eight women, fourteen from the Old Testament, and a like number from the New Testament.

Mrs. Thomas draws interesting pen pictures of each character, and draws from the subjects lessons inspiring one to emulate the worthy examples of the characters submitted.

It is good that more and more godly women are bringing to our attention lessons from the word of God.

Likely you will be astonished by some of the lessons suggested by Mrs. Thomas in presenting the character of women in her book brought to our attention. . .For years men have set the standard for women high; but never higher than it should have been. Man's character, the standard for him, should fall not an iota below that demanded of women.

Read the book of Mrs. Thomas, and you will become a better man, and women will also be better by journeying with her through the book.

THE CHURCH IS BUILDING, James Marvin Powell and M. Norvel Young. Gospel Advocate Company. $2.50.

The authors have evidently made an effort to answer every question which arises in the mind of those who contemplate erecting a meeting house. Most likely you will find suggestions of which you had not thought, which will add comfort to the work of the congregation assembled. In my opinion those who contemplate building a meetinghouse, will profit by having a copy of this book.

There are more than a hundred pictures of meeting houses which brethren have erected. Some of them do not remotely resemble meeting houses erected half a century g — P building are century ago. Such is also true of our residences. Through the years builders have learned much about making residences, as well as meeting houses comfortable, and attractive.

I think there was never a meeting house too fine for a gospel preacher to occupy while telling the people what to do to be saved, and live the Christian life.

MRS. LEE'S STORIES ABOUT JESUS, By Mrs. Irven Lee. Illustrated by Mrs. Bennie Lee Fudge, The C. E. I. Stores, Athens, Alabama. Abilene, Texas. $2.95 per copy.

Mrs. Lee is a devoted Christian, and experienced in teaching the Bible to children. The book is printed in Pica type, on good stock, and children will enjoy reading the book, or listening while others read to them. It is a book written especially for children. You will make no mistake in placing this book in the hands of your children.

Each story is followed by questions for the children to answer. The questions is a feature that many books for children do not have. Likely you will be surprised to see how children register the lessons read, the precision of their answers.

You will do your children a favor by placing this book in their hands, or reading to them the "stories".

J. W. McGARVEY'S CLASS NOTES ON SACRED HISTORY (ACTS OF APOSTLES), Cloth Binding, $2.50. Published by Gospel Advocate Company.

The book is edited by Leslie G. Thomas, who also includes in the book a discussion of the Seven Churches in Asia Minor.

Mr. McGarvey for years was the Teacher of the Bible in the college in Lexington, Kentucky. He was recognized as a ripe Bible scholar. His book "Lands Of The Bible" is a reference book in many colleges where the Bible is taught The student should read the Bible Text very carefully, then read the pointed questions of Mr. McGarvey propounded to his students, then write your answers from memory of the text. If you will do this you will find much profit by the study

Mr. Thomas treats each of the seven letters separately, and you will derive lessons which will register in your memory, and by which you will profit. The books will be treasured by all who possess them.

THE HYMNAL, By Marion Davis and H. P. McDonald, The Marion Davis Company, Fayette, Alabama. $1.00 per copy. (Shaped Notes only.)

For a number of years Mr. Davis has been teaching, as well as conducting songs in Revival Meetings. He has published a number of books containing splendid songs; but this is by far the best collection of songs he has published. A book of 386 songs. In the book is a large number of the songs which have lived, and will continue to live. Songs for every righteous service. The effort of the editors has been to include only Scriptural songs. It is refreshing to have a song book in which there are no "jazz" songs.

A splendid book of songs, and I predict for it a wide circulation, especially among those who love the old songs, as well as new songs which are Scriptural.