Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 24, 1957

"Jehovah's Witnesses" Are Dangerous

Bill Fling, Long Beach, Calif.

Most Christians are asleep to the peril that faces us from the "Jehovah's Witnesses," so called. Many think it a small, harmless cult of paper-peddling fanatics. Fanatics, yes; harmless, a thousand times NO. To this scribe, they are the most treacherous assailants against the truth of God's Word to be found in this generation. Yes, they are more to be battled than Roman Catholicism or dignified modernism. The reason is because they are more aggressive. Catholics convert few adults, and if it were not for their perpetual children crop, they would grow thin indeed. But Jehovah's Witnesses are spreading like a prairie fire in a March wind.

"During the years 1942-52, the membership of Jehovah's Witnesses doubled in North America, multiplied fifteen times in South America, twelve times in the Atlantic islands, five times in Asia, seven times in Europe and Africa, and six times in the islands of the Pacific." These years included the war years, too, when most of us were saying "wait till the war is over and then ...." Last week, one of these Watchtower devotees told me there is a new "Witness" converted every twelve minutes the clock around. When you consider that each "convert" becomes "twofold more a child of hell" than his teacher, it's appalling. Why are they growing? Why are they so dangerous?

1. Their Organization. They are organized to the hilt. The Watchtower Society is not just a printing office, as some have been led to believe. It is the politbureau for the "New World Society"; it is the "Vatican" or the "Mecca" for every Witness. It is the official interpreter of Scripture. The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society is the final authority on what a passage means. The Society prints all their books and tracts, informs the local Kingdom Hall congregations what they can and cannot do, prohibits debates, and even translates ( ?) the Bible to the liking of its own interests. I have had several witnesses tell me they would write "Brooklyn" to find out what a certain passage (which contradicted their doctrine) might mean. Others have written to see if they could engage in public discussions. They are all proud to admit that they are "God's Organization" and "organized from the top, down." The top of the ladder is the Watchtower Society of Brooklyn.

2. Their Extensive Distribution of Literature is another reason for their growth. "As of July. 1955. The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society (founded 1896), which is the focal point of the organization, had known branches in more than 82 lands, and missionary works and Kingdom preaching in over 140. Its literature is distributed in 96 languages, and it has become a great disseminator of propaganda." Also, "among the things the Society owns are: a large up-to-date printing establishment which has produced approximately ONE BILLION pieces of literature since its inauguration in 1928 and expansion in 1949; a modern apartment building and office quarters; "Kingdom Farm," which supplies wood for furniture, etc.; a radio station, a Bible school. "Gilead." which since its opening in 1943, has sent out approximately 1,800 missionaries; and many more enterprises of like character." (Martin & Klann, Jehovah of the Watchtower, pp 12,13)

Their whole system is amazingly similar to Catholicism. Rome compels her nuns and certain orders of priests to "work for nothing". So does the Watchtower. Both have a centralized interpretation and management arrangement. But there is one essential difference, besides differences in doctrine. It is - - 3. Their zeal. The zest with which a Jehovah's Witness propagates Brooklyn's gospel is amazing. Each Witness is required to "publish" several hours a week, if it is humanly possible. If they slack up, they are threatened with being caught unprepared at "Armageddon." Most of them live in mortal terror of that awesome prospect. The average Witness feels secure and safe only when "working for the kingdom." And thus they pour millions of man hours into the "preaching" of the Brooklyn message. We ought to be ashamed to see their zeal for propagating error and our comparative lethargy for preaching Truth. They don't get paid a cent for it; they have jobs to work at each day like us; they could enjoy nights at the ball park or watching TV, too; they have families they would like to stay home with; they "don't have time" for it either, but they MAKE time for it. In short, they sacrifice.

4. Their insidious doctrine is the main reason they are so dangerous. They teach more things that directly contradict basic Bible teaching than any other sect, including Catholicism, Mormonism, and Adventism. They deny the diety of Jesus, the nature of God, the existence of heaven or hell (Gehenna, the place of eternal torment), the establishment of the kingdom, the possibility of present day believers being in the church, and a legion of other errors that cause Satan to laugh with glee. Their teaching is so diametrically opposed to plain Scriptures one wonders how they could ever make a convert. Talk with one person who has been indoctrinated with their lies and you will see. Their process is summed up in one word: BRAINWASHING. They undermine the learner's faith in the Bible by attacking the "translations" and the existing manuscripts. Once that is destroyed, they build up with in the Watchtower Society as a "good and faithful servant" — as one sent from Jehovah to deliver the poor deluded world from "religion." How could they do such a thing? Easy. Just take people who are ignorant of the Truth or those who do not receive "the love of the truth." and you can teach them anything. The only solution is the Truth. "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." (John 8:32.)

Do not forget this one thing. Jehovah's Witness Are Dangerous. They are zealous. One will knock on your door, and probably very soon. Be ready to give a "thus saith the Lord." But in the meantime, sacrifice a little of your time to talk about Christ with someone. The soul you save may he your own.