Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
October 17, 1957


Floyd A. Decker, 701 Magnolia Dr. Tupelo, Miss. Sept. 26: "Have been living in Tupelo since Feb. 1st Gloster St. is on the march in many ways and we have great plans for the future encouraged by a healthy growth in all phases of our work.

Just closed a good meeting with brother D. D. Woody, Lewisburg, Tenn. Eight were baptized. We have a daily radio program over WTUP 11:30 A. M. and two week television programs over WTWV-TV, channel 9 — a thirty minute program on Sundays at 1 P. M. and 15 minutes on Tuesdays at 6:30 P. M. We feel that much good is being accomplished by these broadcasts. The congregation is every loyal to all services. Prayer meeting services averaging well above two hundred and going up. I have never seen a group of people more willing to cooperate with elders and preacher. We miss brother James a Clayton who died a few weeks ago. He was one of our elders and loyal in every respect. We have four elders left to carry on and they are doing an excellent job. They are most excellent men."

J. G. Savage, Lewisville, Texas: "Brother Frank Pack of Abilene closed a meeting with the Lewisville church last night, September 8th. Brother Pack did his usual very fine preaching to the largest crowds in the history of the local church; he is a good student of God's word, a capable teacher and an able proclaimer. He was here in a like effort in 1952 and was invited for another meeting which he will not be able to hold until 1963 as all of his meeting time is promised to that date. Two were baptized, 3 acknowledged their indifference and negligence and four were identified and placed membership."

Connie W. Adams, Post Boks 2, Bergen, Norway. "We arrived safely in Bergen Sept. 11. We have located a house in which to live and will move into it Oct. 11. We have not found a place to meet yet but should have one before long. The prospects for establishing the work here seem very good. We were accompanied to Bergen by Brother and Sister W. B. Kickliter and Sister Mary Russell. They are excellent workers indeed. I shall send a more extended report later. Please note our change of address."

Dudley R. Spears, Jere-Whitson Road, Cookeville, Tennessee. "I will meet Buford Stewart, formerly of Oklahoma, now of Burkesville, Kentucky in a debate concerning Bible classes and woman teachers. The debate will begin November 4, probably at 7:00 p. m. It will be held in the court-house of Liberty, Kentucky. Four propositions have been signed for discussion."

C. D. Plum, 4185 E. Main Street, Whitehall-Columbus, Ohio: "One baptism and one by membership the 29th, at Whitehall-Columbus (Route 40)."

Ross O. Spears, Box 104, Tompkinsville, Kentucky: "Our fall meeting closed September 29th with ten baptisms and one restoration. Brother Yater Tant did the preaching and I conducted the song service. To say the least of it, this was one of the very finest meetings this church has had in recent years. Brother Tant did an excellent work in this meeting."

J. M. Wilson, Box 324, Cheyenne, Oklahoma: "I am compelled to find work elsewhere, Any church that might desire my services may write the church here at Cheyenne or any place where I have labored in the past. I will be glad to send reference. My address till Nov. 1st. J. M. Wilson, Box 324."

C. A. Cornelius, Box 8391, Univ. 5th., Baton Rouge 3, Louisiana: "We began work with the group that meets on the L.S.U. campus, on September 1st. I am being supported by congregations in Rogers, Ark., Conway, Ark., and Haynesville, La., in harmony with Philippians 4:15-16.

This work offers a great challenge to the church of the Lord, with the Faculty and officials of the University being fairly friendly toward the church, so far as our work and teaching is concerned.

It is indeed encouraging to note the desire on the part of the members of the University church of Christ, to want the Bible teaching on any subject that may arise, as it is manifested in our Bible classes. It is to be lamented that all members of the Body of Christ are not so inclined.

We sorely need a daily Radio program, but we have not the money to secure one. If some congregation or congregations, would like to assist us in such an endeavour, we are sure that your money would be well spent in this state where Catholicism is so entrenched. If you know of members of the church attending the University here, that you would like me to visit, please send me their names and addresses."

G. Newman Leonard, Bardwell, Kentucky: "We finished 2 years of work the first Lord's day in September, with the congregation at Melber, Kentucky. Melber is one of my home congregations. The work was progressing slowly but peacefully.

We began our labors with the Bardwell congregation the 2nd Lord's day in September. They have a nice new building that is very commodious. Bro. Coleman did a fine work here. We are looking forward to a very pleasant and profitable work.

May the Guardian continue to present the truth but with a little less sarcasm."