Devoted to the Propagation and Defense of New Testament Christianity
September 19, 1957

The Birmingham Debate

The North Birmingham and Homewood churches of Christ have arranged for a debate between brethren Roy E. Cogdill and Guy N. Woods on current issues facing the church, to be held in Birmingham, Alabama, November 18-23, 1957. Phillips High School Auditorium, with a seating capacity over twenty three hundred, has been secured.

The propositions, principals, and rules are as follows:

It is contrary to the Scriptures for churches of Christ to build and maintain benevolent organizations for the care of the needy, such as Boles Home, Tipton Home, Tennessee Orphan Home, Childhaven, and other Orphan Homes and Homes for the Aged that are among us.

Affirmative — Roy E. Cogdill Negative — Guy N. Woods

It is in harmony with the Scriptures for churches of Christ to contribute funds from their treasuries in support of the Herald of Truth radio program, conducted by the Highland church of Christ, Abilene, Texas, as a means of cooperating in accomplishing the mission of the church of the Lord.

Affirmative — Guy N. Woods Negative — Roy E. Cogdill


1. The discussion to be conducted in Birmingham, Ala., at a time and place acceptable to the Homewood and North Birmingham congregations.

2. Three evenings shall be given to each proposition; and each speaker shall alternate with thirty minute speeches until a total of four such speeches have been made each evening, i. e. two speeches of this length by each speaker.

3. The speakers recognize each other as brethren, and agree to conduct themselves accordingly.

Accepted: Guy N. Woods

Roy E. Cogdill While Christians in this area will be glad to care for, to the extent of their ability, the great crowd of visitors expected, most of them will have personal acquaintances filling their homes to capacity. But we believe that hotel and motel facilities will be ample.

In a meeting of the two elderships it was agreed that neither would be responsible for any day time meetings. This decision was made believing that it would be difficult to keep the debate issues out of the meetings, and that such meetings would not be conducive to the best welfare of the congregations of the area.

We trust that this debate will be a brotherly study of these issues; that it will make a constructive contribution to the thinking of the brotherhood, and that all concerned will maintain the Christian spirit.

Chart Goes Here J. Herbert Green M. F. Brown

Elder, No. Birmingham church Elder, Homewood church

W. E. Jacobsen

J. D. SANDERSON Elder, Homewood church Elder, No. Birmingham Church E. G. HOLLAND

Elder, Homewood church

M. E. Patton Jack Meyer, Sr.

Evangelist, No. Birmingham church of Christ Evangelist, Homewood church of Christ